Do I qualify for immunity if I give in to this temptation in my work colleague’s stationery drawer? She’s away today so I could help myself to any of it and just purchase a replacement tonight, bring it in tomorrow and noone would be any the wiser. Hmmm. Tim Tams, Twisties, Tiny Teddies, Muesli Bar, Coconut Rough, M&Ms…

I know it’s not Wednesday or Sunday but what…a…day. I’m posting this before I give in to the temptation. If I put it “out there” that I’m being strong – then I have to be, don’t I? I managed to do 1/2 hour exercise last night, burning a massive 200 calories. (Hey, I’m still not 100% and it was difficult to breathe.)

Got up early to cook lunch. Burnt it in the grill. Again. I really should look into having it fixed or at least checked out. Opened all the doors and windows in the house again. Fortunately, only the edges were burned so I cut them off and brought the rest of my mini pizza to work for lunch anyway. Halfway to work I realised I’d left my can of diet coke at home. I know I should be cutting back on that but this week without chocolate has been a bit rough and I didn’t think I could go cold turkey on both! Around 10.00am I realised I’d also left me morning and afternoon snacks at home (and tonight I go directly to SES so I won’t be home until after 9pm). By 11am I “needed” food so I heated up my pizza. Well, it didn’t quite have a fancy ‘smoked’ flavour, it tasted like burnt toast. Most of it went in the bin. Fortunately, the local Cafe2U travelling coffee man pulled up next door shortly after that and I was able to buy a small bottle of diet coke. I’ve only drunk half of it so far and it’s already 4pm (and yes, I should be working but while I’m sitting here typing this I’m not raiding the drawer pictured above).

At about 1pm I heated up my dinner and had that as a lunch/morning tea/afternoon tea fix. Dinner was a delicious home made meat pie. Only thing was, I forgot to bring tomato sauce from home to have with it.

I don’t want to break my streak of ‘no chocolate’. I know there’s a muesli bar in the drawer too but I’d have to buy a full box in order to replace it… And the snack-sized packets of twisties/chips etc are not big enough for me to even consider them a snack. I’m not wasting that many calories on a whiff of cheese and 5 seconds of enjoyment (the time it would take me to polish off that little packet). So here’s to being strong and saying no when my tummy’s rumbling (and sloshing from the amount of water I’ve had trying to ignore the hunger).

Part of my brain is telling me that because I’m so hungry I should have a small snack from her drawer so I don’t have a huge binge when I get home late tonight. However, I have developed enough self-awareness now, to know that if I start, I’ll probably eat EVERYTHING in that drawer and I REFUSE to do that. I had a sneak peak at the scales this morning and assuming I don’t have a major catastrophe today/overnight, I should actually record a loss this week.

Now that I’ve let the world know about my struggle today, I’d better get back to work and make up for this tiny interlude of slackness. Is that even a word? I try not to keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand at work because I don’t stop at one (or two, or three). Once I start I don’t stop until it’s all gone. It’s so much better to bring just what I need each day. Today is a good reminder of the importance of being organised…

* Oh and just for the record, this food sits there for days/weeks untouched. Until I raid it when she’s not here (she only works part time). The food is stored in that drawer so her kids at home don’t eat it on her! I don’t know how she does it but I’m hoping some of that willpower will rub off on me.


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