Another addiction

Hot on the heels of my ‘chocolate addiction’ revelation came yet another revelation. One of the 12WBT videos I watched this week talked about how addicted to ‘motivation’ many of us are these days. If we don’t feel motivated, we don’t do things that we know we should: like cleaning the house, cooking a meal, going to the gym.

I know I’m guilty of that. It’s time to stop waiting for motivation and just get on with doing what I know I should. I have often told myself I need to “grow up” and do all the things on my to do list instead of sitting down with a book (or kindle).

Why is it so hard though? Why is it that we can know all the theory of what we should do and why but so often fail to do it? No longer. It’s time to get back into the swing of things even if I don’t feel motivated. I know it’s the right thing to do. I know it’s good for me. I should just do it.

There are days when I don’t feel like going to work but the prospect of losing my job and income “motivates” me to go anyway. So too, the prospect of losing my health and physical ability to do things should “motivate” me to eat well and get fit. I’m not there yet but I’m getting there.

Nutritionally, my week hasn’t been too bad. Today is day four (consecutive days) of no chocolate. We went out for Chinese last night for a birthday celebration. Before heading out I watched Mish’s video about the best foods to eat while eating out and I felt better prepared to make good choices. I even said no to the obligatory after dinner mint that always used to go down nicely after a Chinese meal. And it wasn’t a single mint delivered to the table with the bill – it was a whole bowl at the register. I could have taken several if I’d wanted to. We did go back to a friend’s place for dessert afterward though and I had some gluten free chocolate cake. I’m not counting that as “chocolate” per se.

We had some delicious, home-made, healthy nachos for dinner one night this week. One ingredient was lentils which I’d never tried before (that I know of). I was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed the meal.


I’m still not feeling 100% but am planning to ease back into exercise this week. I’ve realised that my current “sickness” is the same one I get every time I let myself get too busy or stressed. That’s also when I start to make poor diet choices, lose sleep and I end up in a bit of a downward spiral. So, I’ve tried to keep eating well through the sickness with a success rate of approximately 90%.

Maybe if I had kept up with the exercise and nutrition plans I would have kicked the snuffles and sore throat more quickly. I have spent pretty much the whole weekend in bed instead of tackling the above-mentioned to do list but now I’m determined to push through for a loss this week and not another gain. Three days until weigh in. 50 days until our cruise.

Today also marks the end of week six of the 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT). Six weeks to go. I’m going to make them count.


6 thoughts on “Another addiction

  1. estaki12wbt says:

    Yeh house work is one task that I just have to JFDI or it will never get done. I tend to get sick when stressed and busy too so you look after yourself. I haven’t been bothered with my blog lately – must sit down and write a post. A symptom of my general apathy for everything but exercise of late perhaps…

  2. Project:Girl says:

    Good luck with the chocolate. I am cutting it out as well at the moment as I am trying to avoid all caffeine after 1pm (chronic insomnia) and I used to have a few pieces of sugar free dark chocolate with my nightly pot of tea. But as I have cut out the earl grey and am now on herbal specifically to avoid the caffeine…it seems silly to add in the chocolate with caffeine.

    As for lentils…mmmmmm. We have been lentil addicts here forever (hubby worked in an Indian restaurant for years). We add them to everything from soup to curries to rissoles.

    • Thanks. I should try the no caffeine thing too. I don’t drink/eat a lot of it (diet coke and chocolate are the killers for me) but when I do, I notice it. I wouldn’t classify myself as a lentil addict just yet (like I need another addiction LOL) but I’m prepared to give it another go in a different recipe.

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