A Gain Again

Wednesday Weigh In. I’ve gained again. A 300g increase this week. Yet I’m relieved. It could have been so much worse. I was supposed to be not worrying about exercise so I could concentrate on nutrition. Cutting out the exercise was easy enough. Nutrition? Well… that’s another story.

I have been mostly following the food plans provided in the 12WBT program but have added in snacks here and there and have really only been guessing at calorie counts and serving sizes.

This past couple of weeks has helped me identify that I eat when I’m stressed (which I knew, but I didn’t realise to what extent) and also when I’m bored and looking for something to do.

I’m looking at the gain for what it is. A fact. Now I’m trying to work out where things went awry and askew. I love those words (-: Yesterday, I ate a good breakfast at about 6.30am, headed off to work for 8.30am and to my dismay, by 9.20am had already devoured my morning and afternoon snacks, a can of diet coke and a hot chocolate drink. Part of it was stress as I realised just how far behind I am with my work. The coke was trying to soothe my sore throat (I tell myself the bubbles help).

The other part was simply something to do while waiting for photos to load into a database. The system only allows one photo to be loaded at a time and doesn’t allow us to do anything else on the computer while it loads. (I have already put a support request in asking for a multiple file upload facility… because each photo also has to be captioned and it’s a very tedious process.) NOTE: I use the system at work but it’s the system used by one of our clients so I’m not having a go at my boss here!

I’m sitting here this morning catching up on the last couple of videos for 12WBT. The one I’m listening to is about self-sabotage. Rather fitting I guess. The question someone has asked that Michelle is answering at the moment is relevant to me. Talking about chocoholicism and how to break it. An alcoholic thinking it’s okay to have “just one a day” is the same as me, as a self-proclaimed chocoholic telling myself it’s okay to have some every day. Wake up call!

Next question: If I have a cold, should I still train? Another relevant one. Cold? Yes train. Flu? No. But ensure you eat well.

We’re in week 6 now. At the end of this week I’ll be half way through. I did so well in the first few weeks. It’s time to nail the second half!

Dinner the other day: Indian Chickpea Soup with Baked Pear, Ricotta and Apricot for dessert (I forgot to halve the number of apricots to serve 2 instead of 4).


The flowers are doing well one week on. The lilies (?) have opened up. Beautiful!


Some new motivational quotes I’ve seen over the past few days.

ctrl alt del


Moving from loser to champion. (-:


5 thoughts on “A Gain Again

  1. The whole weight loss thing is such a mission. It’s dam hard work Heather, so don’t give up – you are doing well. It will be a slow road, I think something will eventually click in and you will be able to recognise your weak areas and realise where you are strong and concentrate on fixing those weak areas one step at a time.

    Just a little something totally unrelated… Did you water the flowers at all? Just asking because most people don’t realise they need to water them every day/second day in those arrangements. The gerbras are looking a little sad 🙂

    • I should have known you’d pick up on the flowers! It was only when I took the photo that I realised they’d been there almost a week and I haven’t watered them at all. I’ll go do it now and maybe I can squeeze a few more days out of them. I did know better, just didn’t give it a thought. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. : ) Much appreciated.

  2. I too seriously eat when I’m bored, it’s so silly isn’t it. We’ll get there, the important thing is not to give up I guess.

    ps those big lilly things, watch out they will drop coloured pollen stuff soon and it can stain clothes!

    • Very true Daisy. I love the line in the movie Galaxy Quest: “Never give up, never surrender” or something like that anyway. And yes, I’ve been caught by the pollen before. It can also stain the white kitchen bench!

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