Decision Time

Why is it, that decisions are so hard to make sometimes? Before starting the 12WBT I was fired up and confident that the goals I was setting were realistic and achievable. Now, I’m not so sure.

The time has come to renew my Triathlon Australia membership โ€“ which I need to do if I wish to renew with Tamworth Tri Club and compete participate next season. I really don’t know whether I will have the time to go to their meetings etc. I’m already finding it difficult to schedule gym time with all my other commitments.

Last week I actually decided to take a one month break from everything I’m involved in except SES. Primarily because I’ve got a big month coming up with SES but also because it’s the busiest time of the year at work (end of financial year) and my boss is away, and I’ve been sickโ€ฆ

Am I throwing my money away by renewing the membership, knowing that I’m unlikely to follow through (even though this also means I won’t achieve my 12wbt goals)? Should I renew anyway and push on with my goals? Should I revise my goals to be more realistic now that I know just how hard it is to schedule my life?

I don’t have to make the decision immediately, the local club membership isn’t due for renewal until October (roughly).

On to 12WBT progress or lack thereof.

Exercise: none this past week (I planned it that way).

Diet: Ordinary. Chocolate intake up, water intake down. I have been drinking more since putting this gadget on my desk at work though:


I went grocery shopping again tonight. There are still a number of items each week which I’ve never purchased before. This week I decided to take the plunge and buy garlic bulbs and a press instead of simply using the minced garlic (in jars) that I’ve always used in the past. I wonder if it will make much of a difference to the meals. Not that I’ll really be able to tell since I’ll be cooking things I’ve never cooked before!

This week’s new products:


I can’t believe I bought pears. Ewwww.

One big benefit of my break from my other commitments is that I will be home tonight and haven’t had to cook tonight for the next three days. Smile


4 thoughts on “Decision Time

  1. estaki12wbt says:

    I think your first step should be to revisit your goals and set some more realistic ones. That’s the thing I’ve learnt about goals it’s important to keep revising them especially when life gets busy and overwhelming. Good luck!

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