I cheated. Again.

In my last post I said I wasn’t going to continue cheating myself but I’ve done it again. However prepared I thought I was for this week, I was not at all prepared for getting sick. I have been feeling so much more healthy and energetic since starting the 12WBT that I almost felt invincible.

To be honest, I’m not THAT sick. I have a sore throat, a sniffle and nausea. That’s all. I’m just a wuss when it comes to being sick. I don’t deal with it well. When I’m feeling sick in the tummy all I want to do is it salty bland food and it’s hand to mouth, hand to mouth, hand to mouth with an extremely repetitive (read non-stop) motion.

Tuesday I downed a regular serve of hot chips. My first fast food in five weeks I think. They were disgusting but I ate them anyway. Aargh. That was after finishing the box of Rye Cruskits I had at work for morning tea because I hadn’t got around to packing just four of them for that day. I also polished off a full box of Chicken Crimpys in what must have been world record time. Next I devoured a full box of Butter Menthol “throat lozenges” although they are found in the confectionery aisle, not the medication aisle so I’m not convinced of their medicinal qualities. I like the flavour and they don’t aggravate my nausea like other throat lollies do.

The next day, Wednesday, was weigh in day. Oops. I’d gone up again. To 75.1! That meant gains two weeks running. I couldn’t bring myself to enter the result into the 12WBT stats area. I told myself it was only because of the hot chips that I was up. To be honest, the chocolate intake from last week would have contributed too. I did enter it into my lilyslim chart though. The trend is downward!


I weighed in again this morning and was back to where I was two weeks ago so I’m cheating and claiming that one. This means I managed to achieve my one month weight loss goal (2kg), even though technically the month was up yesterday and not today. I need the positive endorphin rush this week. So, there you have it, I’m cheating again but at least I’m not making a secret of that fact.


On a much more positive note, it’s my 15th wedding anniversary today. I got up for breakfast and found these and a lovely card on the kitchen bench. Awwww.


Time left until our anniversary cruise:


I’ve been meaning to hop onto the forums to see what the general consensus is about exercising when you’ve got a cold. Do you push through and keep exercising or do you let your body put that energy into healing? I feel like all I’m doing this week is working, eating and sleeping.

How do you handle being sick? Do you “suck it up” or do you wimp out like me?


4 thoughts on “I cheated. Again.

  1. You’ll get there! I’ve cheated too, today I was down 300g and sooo wanted to put it in as this weeks official number, but I decided to save it to make next weeks even better. As for being sick? I’m a wuss too! I’d go for a brisk walk but unlikely to do more than that. Mish says to push through but..

    • Thanks daisy. I’m not as sick this week so am planning to try “pushing through” for the next few days and see how it goes. What I should probably do is make time to watch the “no more self-sabotage” video from last week. And tonight’s.

  2. estaki12wbt says:

    Happy anniversary! Looking at your overall weight loss trend (downward) I’d keep that in mind when things seem bad. We all have our bad days/weeks. I seem to get this horrible bloating thing on weigh in days and end up heavier and then a day or two later my weight comes down! I’ve taken to having my official weigh ins on Thursday or Friday now. I’ve worked out the pattern I think.

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