End of Week 4

I’m not sure I like this “posting only on Wednesday and Sunday” routine. Perhaps I should have made notes over the past few days. I thought of a few things each day that I could have mentioned but right now I can’t think of any.

I have a HUGE week coming up, at work, at SES and just generally. So, I’m planning to concentrate on good food and nutrition and forget the exercise. Just for this week. And only because I read this on Facebook:


I haven’t exercised since the fitness test Wednesday and I’m starting to feel a bit sluggish. I did buy some dumbbells for when I decide to do a home DVD workout instead of going to the gym. That saves me the half an hour of travel time.

I have started to recognise that the days I haven’t planned ahead or sorted myself out the night before are the days I’m more likely to overdo the calorie intake.

Today we went out for lunch with friends after their daughter’s baptism. I was pretty good and ordered grilled fish and salad. The fish was a bit oily and I gave about 1/3 to Mr K. My plate came with chips too and I ate maybe 10 but then gave the rest to Mr K.

I wasn’t as good tonight. We went to the movies and I bought a packet of Twisties. Then I read the “nutrition” panel. 3.3 serves in a bag? Hardly. I’d be lucky to split the bag between two people and think it was enough… and over 125 calories per serve. I’d like to say I didn’t finish the whole bag but I’d be lying. That’s my dinner calorie allowance. Gone. And very limited (if any) goodness in it at all. Empty calories. I didn’t even enjoy them but I kept eating… Note to self: eat dinner before going to movies.

I’m looking at this week as a small speed hump. I won’t even bother to update you on the early night challenge. The week continued much as it began with too many late nights. So on that note, as it’s 9pm, I’m getting off the internet. I do have some things I need to do on the computer though so I’m going to put my night sunnies on. Hopefully I’ll still have a relatively early night.

Week 5 is as yet unplanned and unseen. Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner for my sister’s birthday. If I can get through breakfast and lunch healthily I should be okay. Then I’ll have time tomorrow night (after dinner) to plan the rest of the week and maybe buy some groceries.

Do you also find yourself eating foods you’re not enjoying? Even when you know as you’re eating it that you’re not enjoying it? I know I sometimes get to the end of eating and realise I didn’t really enjoy it, or it didn’t “hit the spot” but to keep eating when I’m already at that point??? Have you managed to overcome it?


2 thoughts on “End of Week 4

  1. estaki12wbt says:

    I do the eating without enjoying thing. Enjoy it while it’s in my mouth and feel awful afterward. Haven’t overcome itif this last weekend is anything to go by. Let me know if you ever do ha!

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