Second (Un)Fitness Test

Today was the weekly weigh in, and as it’s week 4, it’s mini milestone week. Time to revisit my goals and to redo the (un)fitness test.

First, the weigh in. I was up 300g this week but when I did a sneak peak on the weekend I was up over a kilo so I’m confident I’m back on the right track after the lazy latter half of last week. Overall official 12WBT weight loss to date: 1.8kg. I’m also relieved that it wasn’t a ‘back to where I started’ increase which is what I’ve had for most of the last year. I have been back into the exercise and gym this week except for today. Since I had to make time for the fitness test, my diary just didn’t cater for a gym visit as well.  Yesterday morning (bitterly cold), I was the only person in the gym for about half an hour. Still wish there was a mute button for the sound when you’re alone in there…

The fitness test

1km run. One of my one month goals was to run 500m without stopping. I determined that I was not going to stop until I’d done 500m. Then I thought I’d keep going until I really couldn’t go any longer, that point was at about 800m so I told myself I could do the full kilometre. And I did! It was only a jog, not a run, but it wasn’t walking. The “venue” was my backyard once again. I noticed that I was slowing down a bit for the corners so I’ll try it on a straight stretch of road next time I think. Time was 9 minutes 31 seconds. This was 17% quicker than the initial one (1 minute 56 seconds quicker)!


I really was cactus though. Then I remembered I had to finish the rest of the test…

I more than doubled the number of pushups on knees I could do in one minute (from 12 up to 25).

The wall sit was tricky. My legs were pretty well dead from the jog but I still managed 41 seconds (11 seconds better than initial test result).

Abs. Hmmm. Yes. Well. Still no evidence that they exist. Nevertheless, I did manage to get my fingertips to my knees so that’s progress. I don’t move up from “struggle street” to level 1 until my wrists reach my knees though.

Sit and reach. Remember how I couldn’t even reach my 30cm ruler with my shoes on? And I had to set it up like this:


Well, the good new is, I was able to stretch 6cm further today. Down to –22cm from –28cm. You might also remember the unofficial mini goal I set back on the 1st of June: to reach the ruler with shoes on. I didn’t actually try because my sneakers and socks were wet from running in the grass but I’m sure my shoe soles aren’t 8cm thick. Therefore, GOAL ACHIEVED. Open-mouthed smile Yippee.

I’m also down 11cm overall on my measurements. My original measurements had my right side (arm and thigh) bigger than the left. Today, the left is smaller but the right is the same so the difference is bigger. I hope it’s not obvious to people who look at me. That would be a bit weird. LOL

Here are my stats:


Other goals


My first goal was to lose 2kg. This is still achievable because technically the one month isn’t up until 4th July which gives me another week.


On my “journey” from Melbourne to Sydney, I’m roughly at Locksley. As soon as I read that, I heard Robin of Locksley in my head and immediately thought of the Mel Brooks movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights. So, I tried to find a picture of the DVD cover. The first one I found was the German version. I spent a year there as an exchange student after high school. I am still amused by the variations in translations when they aren’t literal. The literal translation of the German movie title into English is Robin Hood: Heroes in stockings/tights. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Or maybe it’s just what I’m used to. I’ve also just noticed that this movie was released the same year I was living in Germany (1993). What a coincidence!


2 thoughts on “Second (Un)Fitness Test

  1. estaki12wbt says:

    Ah sounds a lot like me! The 400g or so I lost in week 3 is back :(. But I deserve it! Still haven’t fitted in all the fit tests and measurements. Might try do those tomorrow. Here’s to week 5 being a whole lot better! Well done on the improvements you’ve made. I’m hoping my measurements show a difference when I do them.

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