Stop the Traffic

In my Wednesday post, I mentioned the 14-day challenge issued by Michelle Bridges, to go to bed by 9.30pm with lights out by 10pm, no electronic anything after 9pm and alarm set for 6am. I need to set my alarm for 5.30am to fit everything in before work. So, I decided to just go to bed at 9.30pm and turn lights out at the same time. Maximum one hour sleep-in allowed on weekends.

I started the 14 days on Thursday.

Progress to date:

Date Out of bed Into bed
Thurs 21/6 5.45am Midnight (and on the
computer until then) Sad smile
Fri 22/6 7.00am Midnight (went to
9.15pm movie)
Sat 23/6 7.00am 11.00pm
Sun 24/6 7.00am TBA

Hmmm. Not doing too well. However, it’s 8.30pm and I’m nearly ready for bed.

Since Wednesday night I have not been to the gym although I did do a 45 minute workout DVD Friday morning. My food intake has been all over the place too. Today I was almost back on track again and I spent last night and today focussing on preparing for week 4. That, in itself, is progress. Normally I’d wait until Monday to start again.

Monday night is a ‘red flag’ night because we’re going out for dinner with a set menu. I’ll have to watch my snacks during the day and leave the spare calories for dinner. I’ll look at it as a ‘treat meal’.

What a day. After the excitement of my flight yesterday, I feel like all I’ve done today is cook and clean the kitchen.

After church, we went out for our regular lunch date with friends. Subway. Last Sunday I came home and scoured the Subway website trying to find the best option for the lowest calories for the food that I would actually enjoy eating.

After lunch was grocery shopping (I spent a couple of hours last night sorting out the food plan for the week and grocery list).

More food I’ve never purchased before:


Then I came home and cooked. And cooked. And cooked. By 6.10pm I had cooked three meals. First up was a double batch of Chicken Rice Paper Rolls. The last ones looked more enticing than the first ones (never having used rice paper before).


I set up a little production line.


Then I cooked Broccoli Soup (not so sure about this one but I’ll give it a go) and some croutons. Perhaps I should have made the croutons on the day we’re eating the soup. Hopefully they’ll keep in the pantry.



To finish off the day’s cooking, I cooked dinner for tonight. Something that worked. Smile


Tomorrow night’s dinner is a theme night. We have to go dressed as something starting with ‘T’. I’m going as a set of traffic lights. My costume was inspired by this one.

Here’s mine:


You can’t really see in the photos but the lights actually turn on (little touch LED lights). I’m pretty happy with it. It took a LOT longer to make than I expected and doesn’t look as nice as it could have. However, I had other priorities and couldn’t put the time into it that I would have needed to pretty it up.

See you Wednesday. I hope you have a great week. If you need a pep-talk, I can recommend this post by Kylie. She put into words what I should have been telling myself the past few days.


EDIT: It seems I’ve made a blunder. I thought I was typing a new post but somehow using Windows Live Writer I’ve simply overwritten Wednesday’s post. If anyone happens to still have an email copy of it would you mind forwarding it to me? I have no idea what I wrote but I’d sure like to get it back. I’ll have to be more careful in the future. I just thought I should explain why the comments below don’t match the post above… and why you might already like this post when you haven’t read it yet!


4 thoughts on “Stop the Traffic

    • Haha. Yep. Exactly. I now think twice before phoning someone at 9pm… I didn’t sustain going to bed at 1am and getting up at 5.30am for very long. And the exercising kind of takes it out of me too. 🙂

  1. kirstslifeinblog says:

    Oh the early to bed thing. It is hard isn’t it…well I’m finding that I’m so use to being up late that 9pm comes around so damn quickly! But they say it takes what, 14 days to make a habit and let our body adjust so hopefully in 14 days it’ll be second nature to head to bed early.

    Oh I also have some Quinoa cooking tips that a random lady I met in woolies the other day emailed me. Get in contact and I can send it through if you like. Next time I make quinoa I’ll put a picture up. It doesn’t go like porridge at all, but you just have to cook it longer than the recipe says and I also add a tad more water. I also add my milk into it at the end and let that simmer away for a little while too. And I make it for 2 people as it seems easier to cook that way. But it is pretty tasty especially with the banana and maple syrup 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂 That would be great. I’m coming across so many new foods and I don’t know what it’s supposed to do, to know if it’s “done” or not. The recipe said Quinoa Porridge so I “assumed” it would turn porridge-like. Will send you an email – thanks for the offer.

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