Bucket List Update

I know it’s not Sunday yet, but I wanted to post anyway.

My chance to cross a biplane ride off my bucket list didn’t happen today. Unfortunately, the pilot of the Tiger Moth I was going to ride in wasn’t able to get the plane to Gunnedah because of bad weather at his home airport.

As a “consolation prize” I decided to do a Trial Instructional Flight in an autogyro/gyroplane instead. It was a glorious day with plenty of sunshine although the wind was a little chilly at times.


I did a one hour flight and for part of the flight I was allowed to control the aircraft. Well, the pilot did the footwork but I had control of the joystick. What a buzz! I convinced Mr K to have a go at it too. That’s him on the far side in the picture above.

My “almost 80 year old” mentor from Toastmasters happened to be there too and she also had a go. She loved it too. We’d only heard about the event because of a speech made by a fellow Toastmaster at a recent meeting. Another reason to become a member of Toastmasters. You learn heaps and hear about things you wouldn’t normally know about.

230602My hand-eye coordination could use a bit of work (and practice) and I found myself overanalysing the processes pretty quickly. It would take me a long time to learn to fly one of these but I think I could definitely get hooked. That is, if I had the time and finances to fund the hobby.



I’d never seen a plane like this before (with fold away wings). It was pretty cool. My English teachers would find my lack of flowery or poetic descriptions abhorrent.


And this two seater open version would be next on my list I think. Open-mouthed smile



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