Sunday = Rest day

Yeah – right!

I might not have exercised today but it took me a good hour and a half to plan for the week. I can’t eat mushrooms so I need to replace a few recipes this week. That meant I had to adjust the shopping list considerably too.

Then we spent over an hour in the supermarket trying to find new items. Here’s a photo of most of the things we bought which we’d never bought before (and some we’d never heard of before).


Here’s hoping the “Chinese” vegetables I bought are the correct ones. nothing seemed to have names that matched the recipes exactly…

Arrived home from grocery shopping at about 6.30pm and started cooking meals in advance for lunch tomorrow (Thai Pumpkin Soup), dinner tomorrow (Alison’s Penang Chicken) and dinner for Tuesday (Jen’s Lasagne). It all took a bit longer than I thought. It’s now 10.30pm, the lasagne is in the oven, everything else is cooked and separated into dishes and in the fridge or freezer. However, I have yet to clean up the kitchen. I’m not the neatest cook in the world. The aftermath:


And the photo doesn’t show the stuff piled in the sink. Well, you can just see it, if you know where to look! The ice bricks in the foreground had to come out of the freezer to let everything else in. Not sure yet how I’m going to fit four spare serves of lasagne in…

On a different note, making the soup I was able to use a stick mixer thing we received as a gift a couple of years ago. I didn’t realise we hadn’t used it until I took it out of the box and had to undo all the plastic twist ties etc.


Here are some shots taken mid-cooking.

Mr K looking impressed at being asked to help by cutting the pumpkin for the soup. Thank you. Open-mouthed smile He also cut the tomatoes for the lasagne later.


Penang Chicken nearly ready for vegies to be added:


Soup and lasagne both on the go at once:


So here I sit, telling myself I need to get up in 7 hours. I have my blue-light glasses on making sure I don’t wake up too much between now and when I go to bed. I didn’t wear them while cooking!


We discovered today that our passports aren’t in the special place we put all our important papers… we need to find them or get replacements before our cruise in:


The cruise will cross one item off my bucket list. Another item will be crossed off just next weekend. I’m going here to fly in an open cockpit bi-plane. It’s just a joy flight – not an adventure/aerobatic flight. Tomorrow I ring the pilot to make my booking…

Well, I’d best go check on the lasagne and start cleaning up the kitchen… Week 3 starts tomorrow and I’m excited. I’ve just realised I haven’t watched the video for today but I think I’ll leave it for tomorrow night.


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