Total Transformation

Warning: This post is random, long, off topic, only loosely related to 12WBT, and not at all related to triathlons. Please don’t feel obliged to read all the way to the end. I won’t have many posts like this. I don’t have time to type them.


Driving home from Armidale earlier today I was sitting behind a truck full of rubbish – old bed frames, broken chairs and the like.

For some reason, a random thought came to me.

My life is like this truck at the moment. Every time I:
­- cook a healthy meal instead of buying takeaway,
– discipline myself to exercise,
– say no to cravings,
I am sending another load of rubbish to the tip.

I really need a massive rubbish truck or maybe one of these:


Still, every single good choice I make places another bit of ‘rubbish’ in the bin. I’m only getting rid of small things at the moment, in small quantities but it’ll all add up eventually.


I don’t usually listen to music when I’m exercising, or driving. I enjoy the quiet. I don’t even have a radio playing in the background at work. However, today I turned on the audio player on my phone and listened to music.

Sidenote: I wonder if I’d get much support if I petitioned my gym to go music-free one day in the week. It would be so much easier for everyone else to bring their ipod (or whatever) than for me to purchase noise cancelling headphones to wear while working out. And it’s all about me, of course. I am kidding with that last sentence but not the idea. It must be awful for the people who work there. I’m sick of the videos/songs playing when I’m there and I’m only there for an hour or so – not all day.

Looking for a picture to put here, I discovered there are forum questions all over the web asking about the best noise-cancelling headphones for gyms that don’t mind the sweat etc.

Any thoughts?


What made me think of that (right now) was this string of events:

1. Some time ago a friend of mine commented or posted on a blog about some singer called Adele. I had never heard of her and told my friend this. She was shocked and sent me a link to a youtube video which I watched but I can’t remember which song it was.

2. In the gym this week, ev-e-ry morn-ing, I’ve heard Adele singing Rolling in the Deep. I should say, it’s refreshing to see a video clip that features a fully clothed woman not a half-naked lady prancing around. I haven’t worked out what the song is about yet and I can’t hear the words clearly. I only know that’s who/what it is because of the caption that comes up when it starts.

3. In the car today, I had an instrumental piece of music playing. I thought I’ve heard this before recently but I don’t know what it is. I looked glanced at the screen and saw that it was – you probably guessed – Rolling in the Deep. I investigated further when I got home. It is part of a bundle I purchased from The Piano Guys several months ago.

4. Hearing it today made me think back to having heard it at the gym all week, and my thought at the time that it would be nice to go in there and have a mute button – especially if I’m the only one in there (24 hour gym). And consequently ending up thinking about my friend too. How nice. Full circle.


Another song I heard was Randy Travis’ Three Wooden Crosses. I’m not really into this kind of music (or any kind of music in particular I guess) but for some reason I like this song. Part of the chorus is:

I guess it’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, It’s what you leave behind you when you go.


I’m not generally a deep thinker and I don’t analyse my feelings/ emotions and I avoid D&M (deep and meaningful) conversations whenever possible. The last couple of weeks have had me thinking about a lot of “stuff” though. The combination of life’s events and the 12WBT have brought me to that point I think.

I got to thinking about my contribution to society. What do I really do? I know I do a bit, but really only things that I enjoy anyway. The biggest difference I’m making in our world is through our sponsor children. We have a few in different countries but they are all supported through Compassion Australia. If you prefer, you can check them out on Facebook.

This from their website:

Back in 2002, Compassion Australia set a 10-year goal to grow to 100,000 sponsored children, babies and students by the end of June 2012. That year has now arrived and—at just a few thousand short—you’re invited to join with us in aiming for 100,000 … one at a time.

It’s amazing to think about all God has made possible in the last 10 years, since we set the goal to reach 100,000. In 2002 Australians were supporting 27,477 children, babies and students with Compassion, and we had to grow by nearly 400 per cent to get to 100,000. But now we’re so close!!!

I realised today that I have recently spent $199 trying to learn how to eat right – and not overeat – in a 12 week program (12WBT). Sponsoring a child costs only $44 and is tax deductible (in Australia – if you happen to be reading this from overseas). That’s only $132 every three months but payable monthly. I have more food than I need. They struggle to eat. The $44 also provides education and medical assistance.

There are still 22,000 children under the age of five who die every day from diseases and complications that are mostly preventable. 41% of these deaths happen in the first month of the child’s life. That’s one every four seconds. Or, as you read this, it’s probably the same as one child dying with every sentence you read.

It also occurred to me today (the drive isn’t even that long!) that I’ve probably been spending more than $44 per month on chocolate and soft drinks in the lead up to the 12WBT.  I know many people have specific charities and organisations they support. I also understand that many people simply don’t have surplus funds at the end of the week. However, if you’ve read this far, and if you can possibly help, please click through to their website (or the badge at the top right of this page). They have a number of other programs that support mothers or communities, if that’s more up your alley.



click image for source

I’ll stop my rambling now. I think this will be an extra incentive for me when facing my cravings. I’ll know, that by saying no to chocolate and diet coke, I’ll have more money to direct to worthy causes. What more worthy cause is there than changing a child’s life and giving them hope for the future?

Looks like this 12 weeks is not just a body transformation but a whole of life transformation. Smile


Thanks for reading, Heather.


2 thoughts on “Total Transformation

  1. I loved reading this post Heather. 🙂
    I still love Adele…was that me that sent you the link…it sounds like me.
    Just the sort of thing I do…giggle. 😉 I can be so annoying at times.
    I think you do so much, loved your Mo stuff.
    Keep being you my friend, and I love reading your rambling.
    Love you loads. Lees. xxx 🙂

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