Friday, Week 2

Today’s exercise program was the Core & Flexibility workout. Not my strongest event.

Last Friday I ended up taking my rest day because I got up so late. Today I also got up late but decided to use the bike we have at home to do the warm up instead of the cross trainer at the gym. All the other exercises could be done at home. This way, I saved the 20 minutes of driving time.

I did 2.3km on the bike then moved into the workout proper. I was supposed to do two rounds of a circuit. I only did one. I’m planning to do a session of the Biggest Loser on the Xbox later tonight to make up for it.


In the half hour I was exercising I only burned 106 calories. I’d better push myself hard tonight on the Xbox. I have to wait until Mr K finishes watching Richie Rich. Open-mouthed smile

Reverse plank Hmmm. I can’t even get myself off the ground. Not even 5mm. Michelle Bridges’ tip for this was “If you are struggling with this, try bending 1 leg and placing its foot on the floor beside your knee. Pushing yourself into position will be easier this way – but make sure you are not just shoving with your flat foot! Keep squeezing with your back and butt muscles to lift your hips.”

Ummm. How do I know if I’m shoving with my foot? Even doing it this way I think I only raised my butt 5cm off the ground. If that. I didn’t exactly have a mirror on hand to check. And I wasn’t going to record it on film (memory card doesn’t have the same ring to it – does it?) for future generations to go into hysterics over. Even so, I could only hold it for 5-6 seconds at a time. Will have to work on the 30 second hold!

Side plank. I didn’t have a hope of doing this either. Trying to do it from my feet, I couldn’t budge. Not a bit. From my knees I managed to hold for the full 30 seconds though.

SSS tomorrow. It’s the same program as last Saturday so I’m hoping to see an improvement in the numbers.

Turning the computer off early tonight so I can plan meals for the weekend and next week – and burn some calories.

I saw this on another 12wbt member’s inspiration board. Well, several actually. Another good reminder.


See you tomorrow.

Edit: No, I’m back. 🙂 I did turn the computer off and do some other things. I had to turn it on to print tomorrow’s SSS program again. The one I had was for the gym but I did the outdoor one last week and I want to compare the same routine. I’ve scribbled all over last week’s print out.

I also wanted to let you know (so you can sleep easily tonight – ha!) that I did turn on the xbox. I hadn’t used it since February. Um-ah. This meant I was up to a challenge day and a weigh-in but no workout. After those two activities I attempted a 10 minute “intense” session on the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (previously I have stuck to “medium” or at the most, “difficult”). I completed it but some of the exercises were a bit beyond me. Burpees??? Didn’t see that coming!

Then I stuck my Zumba disc into the machine and spent about 25 minutes trying (not very successfully) to do the tutorials. They are supposed to be step by step but they skip big chunks of how to. I think they do anyway. Maybe next time I’ll just jump into a dance routine and make up my own steps – just to be moving.

So much for my early night. I am so easily distracted… but I did manage to burn an additional 180 calories.



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