Push-up Progress

I worked out (by accident) this morning that push-ups are easier if I put my hands wider than shoulder width apart. I actually managed to do some. I just can’t do them with my hands directly under my shoulders. They barely bend at all. I’m not sure if it’s my wrists or my elbows or just the muscles that aren’t used to doing anything.

After a bit of research (websurfing) I discovered that push-ups with hands further apart are still a legitimate and correct push-up.



Once again, I forgot to start my HRM until after my 5 minute warmup on the rower this morning.

I have just watched Michelle Bridge’s midweek mindset video for this week. In it, she recommends acknowledging our emotions and feelings for what they are, but exercise the ‘willpower muscle’ to not act on them. It’s okay to admit that I’m having sugar cravings at 3pm. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fact. However, it doesn’t mean I need to have a sugar fix. The idea is to avoid the good vs bad trap which encourages us to feel guilty for (not) doing certain things.

I also watched a short “snip tip” about what she keeps in her gym bag. One thing was a pair of weight training gloves. I’d never thought about something like that but it would certainly make using the barbell much more comfortable. It’s got some kind of pointy/textured bar – possibly to increase grip but it feels awful. So, I’m off to do a bit of online shopping.

Do you have any recommendations? Would cycling gloves be suitable do you think?


4 thoughts on “Push-up Progress

  1. I’ve always done any push ups with hands wider than shoulders so you come down at right angles. Feet should be shoulder width. Also when i used to train i would do as many as i could on my feet then drop to knees and do more. Eventually you build up enough muscle power to do them all from your feet. If you wanna borrow my gel padded cycling gloves (if they fit and if i can find them) you’re welcome to before you go spending more money 🙂

  2. Pippa says:

    I do my push-ups leaning towards a wall. 😀 I guess they ought to be called “push outs”… oh… you are BOTH too clever for words: I have NEVER been able to “get off the ground”… another genetic contribution you can’t altogether avoid, perhaps. 🙂 Love, Mum

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