Week 2 Weigh In

Down 700g this morning to 75.3kg. I’m happy with that. I sneaked onto the scales earlier in the week and was at 75.2 but I came a little undone on Monday. I find it so hard to not eat while I’m travelling. I thought I was okay with the chocolate I bought. I was looking at the calories and working out if I could spare them. Shovelled it in Inhaled it. Then reread the nutrition panel to see that the one bar was actually supposed to be 2.5 serves!!! That’s ridiculous. No way. Who in the world would buy a small chocolate bar and keep some for later? I don’t understand it. If it comes in a small pack, as a single serve, why not acknowledge that most people would eat it as a single serve and label it accurately. What’s the point of a nutritional panel that doesn’t show realistic serving sizes. It’s like saying that a 50g box of Smarties (or whatever size they come in now) is really 5 serves. There are barely 2 handfuls of Smarties in a box.

Ok. That’s off my chest. I’m here to talk about a weight loss journey so I probably shouldn’t be ranting and raving about chocolate that I shouldn’t be eating in the first place.

So, in order to shut myself up, here is a shot of my new stats page for 12WBT.


I have also updated the table on my 12WBT page (see menu above). I’m rather pleased to have a loss this week. My journey for the past 12 months or so has been: Week 1 – loss, Week 2 – loss, Week 3 – back to where I was, Next week 1 – loss, week 2 – loss, week 3 back to where I was again. And so on. And so on. This week represents a loss for three weeks in a row. Realising that has upped the motivation level again.

I was late to the gym again this morning. I barely made it home and back to work on time. Must. Get. To. Bed. Earlier. Again. But here it is 10.30pm and I’m still typing. I’ll be quick.

Was two minutes into my warmup on the rowing machine when I turned on the heart rate monitor… Due to the time restrictions, I shortened my time on the bike to 10 minutes from 15 but cranked it up to level 8 instead of 4. In the whole workout I managed to burn 354 calories ± whatever I burned in the first two minutes. I was really annoyed because if I’d completed a full 15 minutes on the bike at level 8 I would have cracked the 400 calorie barrier. I’m supposed to be burning between 400 and 800 calories per session. I did 6.64 kilometres all up between the rower, treadmill, bike and cross trainer. I have passed 100km on my ‘journey’ from Melbourne to Sydney which puts me somewhere around Seymour.


Tomorrow’s a new day. I’m getting up in about 6.5 hours so I’ll say good night. Cheerio.


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