Inspiration Board

I know! Going to bed early makes getting up early easier… I’ll go to bed as soon as this loads. I started (and finished) my inspiration board.

Here it is:



2 thoughts on “Inspiration Board

  1. Pippa says:

    I really like the Inspiration Board, Heather. Is it “real” – as in a physical thing on your wall or something like that, or a “virtual” IB that’s only visible on-line? Perhaps this 12 weeks should be a NEW (additional) Scrapbooking theme…? You’ll have some great material to include… your photos are only the start!!! Congratulations on arriving in Seymour – when in fact we can “see less” of you already. Love, Mum

    • Haha. Very clever. I hadn’t realised the pun – most definitely unintended. 🙂 The IB only exists in photoshop but I’m considering making it the desktop image I see whenever I turn on the computer. I’ll be able to update it ‘whenever’. I might pass on the scrapbooking – I am sooo far behind on all my so-called “current” projects I feel like I won’t ever catch up. 🙂 Thanks again.

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