Week 2, Day 2

I was a bit late getting up this morning… Headed off to the gym at 7.30am so it was going to be a short workout before going directly to work. I managed 0.63km in the 5 minutes on the cross trainer. Up from 0.5km the first time I did it. Smile I’m now 99.3km into my Melbourne to Sydney journey. If I’d remembered that, I probably would have done another 5 minutes just to get over the 100km mark. Open-mouthed smile

Today was a Total Body Toning & Abs session. Back to the pushups/tricep dips/barbell work etc. I skipped the fit ball exercises as they were in use, and time was getting away. Only burned 179 calories in the half hour I was there. Sad smile

Got to work on time (just). During my lunch break, I finally made it to the pool to use one of my visits that are about to expire… I think I swam 12 laps (25m pool). By the time I got to the pool, changed and swam, I really only had 15 minutes there before I had to stop, shower and change back into work clothes. Still, it’s 15 minutes of exercise I wouldn’t normally do.

I was surprised to find the swimming a lot harder than I expected. This would have been due in part to the workout my arms had had earlier in the day, but I don’t think I can attribute all the blame there. I will just have to aim for 13 or 14 laps next time.

I didn’t make time on the weekend to plan this week so I came home from a meeting at about 9.00pm to sort something out for dinner. I opted for a second (but different) breakfast. I have no idea what my calorie intake for the day has been. If anything, it’ll be lower than it should, but hopefully not too low.

Since I won’t be in for dinner tomorrow night either, I have cooked dinner tonight (just vegies and chicken breast) for tomorrow. All we need to do is zap it in the microwave. I am hoping that tomorrow night I’ll have time to sit down and at least prepare for the rest of the week.

Our special surprise task for this week is to create an Inspiration Board. I have been working on mine tonight (it’s a wonderful way to procrastinate). I’ll post it when it’s finished. In the mean time, this is a picture of the corkboard above my desk at home.


This file is one I created of my bucket list. I can’t remember which online freebie program I used to create it. I think it started with x or z… I haven’t put it on the wall yet but it will go up soon.


Well, I should head off to bed now. Tomorrow is WWW day. Wake. Wee. Weigh. Looking forward to it.


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