Wet Weather Workout

I’ve decided holidays make exercising and blogging a great deal easier. No time constraints. No commitments. All the time in the world. I hope my holidays time doesn’t adversely affect your internet download allowance/usage. I’m back at work tomorrow so I’ll be back to more text-based posts.

6.30am I awoke to the peaceful sound of rain pattering on the roof. Hmm. I guess that means there won’t be many people on the beach to stare and laugh at me. So begins the internal debate. Is it okay to exercise in the rain? Maybe it’s true that I’ll get sick. How do I know? There are so many different views and research findings. What about my sneakers? Will I ruin my new expensive sneakers by running in the rain? I know I told the shop assistant that I wanted shoes that could get wet – for all those days when I come out of the water leg of my triathlon and have to put sneakers on while I’m dripping. What should I do? Risk getting sick? Risk ruining sneakers? Or just head out and hope for the best?

I opted for the latter. In the end. I unzipped the sleeves of my jacket and left it as a vest. I prepared all my gadgets by putting them into little ziplock bags.


Armed (pun intended) with my trusty Road ID wrist band I set off in the rain. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend it. It has a little engraved panel on it for your emergency contact information. If it changes, you can buy just a replacement panel. You don’t have to buy the whole band. They have all different types and colours. The added bonus I’ve noticed over the past couple of days is this: When I wear my Road ID I don’t feel the need to take my licence with me for ID. Since I’m not taking a licence I also don’t feel the need to take cash or a card (just in case). Therefore, when I walk/jog past the bakeries and other shops open around the traps, I can be tempted but I can’t buy anything. It’s like built-in self-control. Smile


Today, I was glad that I’d purchased a waterproof digital camera last time I upgraded. It made the journey so much more fun.


There weren’t as many pelicans and seagulls visible today:

110603NoBirdsThe ducks didn’t seem to mind the weather.110604ducks

Instead of following the prescribed plan for the day (10 min interval walk/jog followed by 15 min power walking) I decided I would simply walk and jog as much as I could. I headed to Forster’s Main Beach instead of Tuncurry beach. It was   a l l   t h e   w a y   over this bridge:


For the first time in recent history, I took the stairs by choice instead of taking the longer ramp option. I had been talking about these stairs with my Auntie Lyndall on Saturday. They are a strange width. Too wide to climb with one foot per step but not big enough to really need both feet on each step. It’s just awkward.


Today, however, as I jogged (yes jogged!) up the stairs, I decided this is Great Lakes Council’s contribution to the fight against obesity. They are the perfect width and height for me to jog up.

Still a long way to go (the camera lens has fogged up nicely – sorry):


This is where we had planned to have breakfast this morning if the weather was fine. Often you have to wait for quite some time to get a seat. Not today.


I had no idea how many calories I was burning as my heart rate monitor watch was also in a bag in my pocket. I have no idea if it’s waterproof and didn’t want to chance it. I know that the transmitter and band aren’t because the swimmer option was different but I’m not sure about the receiver. The only reference point I had was my runkeeper app telling me each minute that passed. Sometimes I couldn’t hear it though so I’d think “this is a long minute…”.

Before heading home I pulled out the HRM to have a look. 265 calories – not bad.


There weren’t many swimmers today:


I did see more dolphins though (they really are there!):


On the way home I stopped off at a loo. I probably should have paused the runkeeper app but didn’t think of it. I’m glad noone was in the stall next to mine when it announced “time: 53 minutes”. Then again, as I struggled to pull my sopping wet pants back on (shudder! think getting back into wet swimmers…) “time: 54 minutes”.

Back home again – Heather the drowned rat:


I walked/jogged 6.19km in a time of 1 hour 9 minutes. My average pace was quicker than usual and average speed higher even though I’d done it over a longer distance. Note that I avoided Black Cat Alley today. I came home along the street instead.


It was even quicker than my 1km jog for the fitness test just 10 days ago:


Time to finish off the workout with the 30 seconds of ski jumps and a 30 second plank on the knees. Mum and Dad’s concrete verandah came in handy for this purpose since I didn’t have to dry off first but I was out of the rain (but could still hear it on the laserlite).


Total workout time including stretches 1 hour 27 minutes 44 seconds. 621 calories burned. Average heart rate 133. Maximum 201 (probably when I decided to sprint the last 100m to home).

And just for fun – this is what happened quite by accident when I took my shoes off. Smile


I don’t take an ipod or anything with me when I go, I just run. The peace and quiet is refreshing. I think I need to ‘get out’ more. I’m often “out” at work, SES, Toastmasters, church, and now the gym, etc but I’m always inside… I feel so must better after this weekend away. I think it’s a combination of things – the different environment, the increased exercise, better diet, but being out in the sun has to make a difference too. I might have to investigate that theory/disease about seasonal depression. I can’t remember what it’s called…

Back to normal tomorrow. See you then. I’ll leave you with this photo I took while walking on the beach yesterday. It gives new meaning to the phrase “couch surfing”. How? Why? Do I really want to know?



6 thoughts on “Wet Weather Workout

  1. dcexplores says:

    Hi! What app or online website did you use to map your run? It looks like Google but I’ve not seen a running application….please share! 🙂

    • Hi, it’s Runkeeper (runkeeper.com) and yes, it uses google maps. I’ve used some others but this one automatically syncs work out info to their website when each activity is complete. Then can access online instead of from phone.

  2. Project:Girl says:

    If you look at the battery cover of the watch it should say if it is waterproof or not. Even the strap that isn’t designed for swimming is still water proof…just apparently it has trouble transmitting in the water. Good on you for getting out in the rain. After being an indoor sort of exerciser for years, I am now loving my runs and walks outdoors. Really clears my head and cheers me up. It seems fresh air is good for you…who’d have thought?!?!

  3. Pippa says:

    The seasonal sickness – minus sun effect – has the acronym SADS, from memory… I am very proud of you: your determination, your efforts, and the visible (already) evidence of both. Go Heather… Go! Go! Go! I really l o v e the little marathon measurer… and you are almost at the half-way point for your weightloss goal!!! Woo-hoo!!! 😀

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