Friday on Sunday

6:00am – alarm sounded

7:30am – realised I must have fallen asleep again

7:48am – started heart rate monitor as I set off for my morning workout.

As I’d promised myself, I was going to the area known as the Rockpool. I could have driven but decided I might as well walk since the sun was out. It was quite a pleasant walk (a bit more than a stroll but definitely wouldn’t qualify as a power walk).


I haven’t quite worked out yet whether the blue line is supposed to go down for a better result? I would want the pace to be quicker, meaning less minutes per kilometre, wouldn’t I? Does this graph show that I really slowed down at the end or sped up? I think I am more likely to have slowed down since I stopped to take photos again.

I started a lot later than I had planned and all those thoughts started crowding in: there will be more people now because it’s later, people won’t want the views spoilt by watching me exercise and so on. I’m sure you can imagine the thoughts going through my head.

I almost stopped here:


with a view of this:


I’m so glad I didn’t because I would have missed this:




I actually saw them jump completely out of the water and do backflips but I didn’t manage to catch them on camera. And I’d forgotten that the camera was set on low file size so I can’t zoom and crop as much as I had hoped.

So here I am. Ready to start my workout and I’ve already burnt 106 calories just getting to the starting point. Smile


Here’s my step for 5 minutes of step-ups.


I had a couple of people walk past saying it was a good way to warm up. One lady stopped to chat so I asked her to take a photo of me showing my idyllic exercise location. Yes, I’m overweight but the pockets of my jacket also contain my ear warmer headband, phones, pencil etc.


I ummed and ahhed for a while trying to decide whether I should attempt the stretches and exercises on the sand, the grass or the concrete. In the end I decided on this little ‘bench’. I have no idea what its purpose is and the bolts were a little uncomfortable when they ended up in the wrong spot but it was ok and I didn’t end up totally covered in sand.


I will openly admit that I skipped some exercises and stretches that just didn’t look like they should be done in public. Not by me anyway. I stopped often between the exercises to enjoy the views and look for more dolphins. I was about halfway down the little beach. I could hear people talking about me but was far enough away from them that I could pretend I didn’t hear them.

On my way down to the beach, a number of people walking the opposite direction commented that it was a lovely morning, until they turned around and started heading back. One fellow said it was 20° colder walking back into the wind than the way I was going. I didn’t believe him. Until I turned around and started for home myself. At about 10 to 9 I became reacquainted with my inner wuss. I had an ear warmer in my pocket and by crikey I was going to use it. Smile


To make up for my laziness on the beach, I decided I should jog the last few kilometres home. I’m hoping that the dip in the blue line means my jog was faster than my walking when I first turned homeward. Do you know? Please leave me a comment if you do.


A couple of times I almost stopped. It’s not every day I run with a polar-fleece lined jacket on, pockets bulging with phones, camera and notepad, a towel around my neck, carrying a water bottle… At one point I copped a lung full of smoke from someone’s wood fire. Turning into the longer grass in the laneway near my parents house, I was surprised by a black cat that suddenly moved as I encroached on his turf. When I stopped jogging, my heart rate was 177. Not too bad. When I stopped my heart rate monitor, it said my heart rate had maxed at 226! I think that must have been when I saw the cat. I know I took a sharp intake of breath at the time.


All in all though, not a bad effort for the morning.


I’ll leave you with a photo of “the cat” which I am holding ultimately responsible for my excessively elevated heart rate.


I’ll try again for the beach tomorrow – hopefully earlier and with not as many spectators. I think (hope) I’ll feel less silly doing actual exercises rather than the mainly stretches and crunches that were scheduled for today. Now, I’m off for a walk on the beach with the hubby. I could really get used to this life. If only I didn’t have to work and earn a living… (In all seriousness – I am very grateful to have a job.)

Edit: Burned another 222 calories on our 35 minute walk along the beach, and added another 2.4 km to my Melbourne-Sydney tally.


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