The Folly of Self-Consciousness

Warning: Lots of text and lots of photos so go grab yourself a nice, refreshing glass of water and settle in for a while.

Day 6. I am at the beach. Not literally, but I’m close. I can smell it. If I go outside I can hear the waves crashing. At least I imagine I can. It’s probably traffic on the main road.

Yesterday became my rest day. I didn’t head to bed until 1am that morning. Trying to get up at 5.30am and then still work productively would have been impossible. Tomorrow I’m planning to do my Friday workout.

But first: today. We travelled over to Tuncurry from Tamworth last night. I wasn’t feeling particularly well so I didn’t even socialise with my parents last night. I just went straight to bed – after turning alarms off. After giving Mum her Stompeez (a non-birthday, just because present). I actually bought them for a friend but they barely fit me so I had to find someone with smaller feet. Congratulations Mum. Not quite glass slipper quality but fun nonetheless.


I was awakened from my peaceful slumber by a phone call at 5.44am. Instantly alert (unusual for me), I hopped on the news websites on my phone to see the reports of the Tamworth Earthquake. Once I realised that snuggling down into the doona again wasn’t going to help me go to sleep I got up. I was out the door 6.40am heading down to a park/sports field about a block away to do my SSS workout.


The metal bench my towel and bottle are on (behind me) was quite uncomfortable for crunches and side planks but better than the wet grass.

Workout details: 3 minute power walk warmup. I had to do this twice because I kept stopping to try and take photos of the kookaburras that were watching me. I needn’t have bothered. None of them turned out. This was the best of the bunch.


Restarted my heart rate monitor when I started the session proper. 300 reps is the plan…

30 burpees on the bench: Um. Yes. Well. I have never tried to do a burpee before. Not even one from a bench like this morning’s assignment. The first one was probably pretty good. By the end my legs were probably only moving back about a foot from my start position and my jump would have been lucky to get me up a street gutter… 1 minute 48 seconds.

30 sumo squats: 30???? 30???? I thought my legs were going to collapse at about 21… 1 minute 24 seconds.

30 mountain climbers on the bench: 30 seconds. I can do these for some reason. Could barely breathe when I stopped and I wasn’t sure my legs would do whatever was next on the agenda. I’ve only done 90 of the required 300 reps at this stage.

30 second wall sit: What???? My legs are already barely carrying me to the wall. Managed to hold the position for the full 30 seconds. Just. But I’m awfully glad the handrail was conveniently positioned for me to haul myself back into an upright position instead of collapsing downward into the dirt. Allow me to introduce my wall and trusty handrail:


30 pushups on the bench: I really need to see a trainer and find out if I’m doing these correctly and am just very unfit or if I have some kind of physical problem that makes them so hard. I can’t call what I did pushups they were more like pulses. Elbows slightly bent. 1 minute 22 seconds.

[People have turned up and started playing tennis in the court adjacent to where I’m exercising. I was worried about the birds and the residents in the houses surrounding the park. Now I have real sport people close by…]

30 tricep dips from the bench: Again, I have no idea if I’m doing these correctly. I could probably ask someone to record it and post it for comments but I’m not particularly keen to do that. 2 minutes 13 seconds.

30 hip raises from the ground: As mentioned, the bench wasn’t particularly comfortable. I find I can control the “raise” more easily than I can the “lower”. 2 minutes 50 seconds.

30 reps – side planks: I must confess. I did the knees version. 15 each side. 2 minutes 22 seconds.

30 crunches: Must find a better option than a metal bench for these. 2 minutes 2 seconds.

30 reverse crunches: To continue the theme, why is the raise easier than the lower? 1 minute 34 seconds.

Lying there looking up at the sky, I was impressed by the view with the early morning sun shining on the tree above, waiting for a bird to poop on me, and for some reason I always find it fascinating when the moon is visible during the day:


So – are you still with me? I warned you it would be a long post – and I haven’t finished yet!

Power walk for 10-20 minutes or until you’ve been working out for an hour. Right. Ok. Where can I get to from here? Aha – the beach! So off I trotted, carrying my water bottle towel and other gadgets. After two blocks of walking I thought to turn on my runkeeper app to track how far I walked. I’m not sure my walk could really be considered a power walk. I stopped a few times to take photos and never warmed up enough to take my fleece-lined jacket off. I didn’t ever need to put on the thermal earwarmer headband I had in my pocket though – just in case.

I started walking to Tuncurry beach then decided I’d rather go to the rockpool so I ended up taking the long route.


Along the way, I stopped to take a couple of photos.

I thought this was funny: the brand of the caravan is “Traveller” but it doesn’t look like it travels much anymore.


First glimpse of the water:


More views of the water:




Now to the title of this post. I considered doing my workout on or near the beach but I was so worried about people seeing me and thinking I was silly or stupid, that I discarded the idea almost instantly. So I worked out in the boring park worried about what residents might be looking out their windows at me. All that time, I could have been working out here instead:9612rockpool2

9613rockpool3Truly foolish. Why didn’t I just ignore all those thoughts and go where I wanted to go in the first place?

View of the beach from the breakwater:


I felt bad for the surfers (can’t quite see them in the photos). Gone were the huge swells of recent days… And that’s why I wrote at the beginning that I could imagine the waves crashing.


At the end of the breakwater I decided to take a self-portrait showing the lovely view… I didn’t really think it through and ended up with the shadow of my arm and camera across my face like a mask. I thought it was funny though so I’ll put it up anyway.


Don’t you just love the sweaty-towel-draped-around-the-neck look?

Time to head for home. I’ve been ‘going’ if you can call it that, for over an hour:9616headinghome

The walk home was invigorating, refreshing, energising and a lot of other –ing words. I could feel a massive grin on my face. I said hi to everyone I passed (most of them complained about the cold but my standard response was “it could be colder, and the sun’s out so I’m not complaining”) and I just feel great. I wonder if this is the real reason we have long weekends. So we can feel rejuvenated and ready to face the coming weeks and months.

Arrived home:


Oops. I realised I haven’t finished my Super Saturday Session. Still have to do my 30 second final blast. 30 seconds of ski jumps. So I dumped my junk on the ground in the driveway:


The aftermath of my ski jumps:


Please don’t tell Dad it was me who flattened the grass. Smile Thanks.

Sitting here typing this post, I’ve realised I didn’t do the stretches either. Oh well, next week. This morning I burnt 523 calories.

No prizes for guessing where I’ll be doing my Friday workout tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday morning…

Thank you for sticking with me to the end. I really appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “The Folly of Self-Consciousness

  1. Well done on the training session! I love the workout recap and pics…I have a need to take photos of EVERYTHING so I love photo posts!
    I think I’d want to train at the beach too. I don’t look pretty working out—but at least my view would! lol

  2. Project:Girl says:

    Go you! I’m too sick to train 😦 and am envious…I already miss exercise when I don’t do it.

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