Good day/bad day: take your pick

The day started well. Up at (almost) 5.30am. Still managed to be at the gym by 6ish. The warmup on the rower suggested aiming for a pace of 2:30-3:30 per 500m. I was sitting on about 2:35-2:40 to start with. Then I realised that I would actually row a full kilometre in five minutes if I could do the 2:30 pace so I upped the effort and this is the screen shot taken at the end of my five minutes:


Finished the work out. Only managed to burn 280 calories. I had a lot of trouble with pushup type ones again. I also didn’t have a lot of control lifting the barbell above my head for shoulder presses. Wobbly.

Anyway, I had a pretty rotten day from around mid-morning. All sorts of dramas I can’t go into here for confidentiality reasons. Mr K wasn’t feeling well either and didn’t feel like eating dinner. I couldn’t be bothered for just me. So I pulled out a spare Tony Ferguson munch bar I’d bought for those times when I get called away to an emergency and have to eat on the run.

Mr K was trying to settle his upset tummy with Cadbury Dairy Milk. I had been craving it all afternoon too. Well. What a temptation. But, I’m happy to say that I looked up what my prescribed dinner should have been (330 calories), deducted the value of the bar (200 calories) which left me with 130 calories which I could ‘spend’.

I spent them on 4 squares of chocolate. Not quite the same nutritional value as the cajun chicken on the menu, but not too many more calories at least. It’s one of those “should I be proud/happy or not” moments. I’m not proud that I ate them, but I am happy that I didn’t polish off the rest of his block and then ask him to buy me another one all for myself. Smile


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