I’m overweight–isn’t that great?

Today was week one’s weigh in. The title of tonight’s post was inspired by Mummy & Wife. I weighed in this morning at 76kg. This is the lightest I’ve been all year. Last year I managed to hit 74.9 at one stage but that was only for a week. 76

Sorry the picture’s so unclear. My eyes weren’t really functioning well at 5.35am when I did my “wake, wee, weigh” as Michelle puts it. This represents a loss of 0.7kg (0.9% weight loss) since my last weigh in just four days ago. cheerleader

I’m cheering because it means I’m overweight. I know BMI calculations aren’t the be all and end all of fitness assessments but that’s the measurement shown on the 12WBT stats page. Here are my stats as at today:


I love the small scale that results in the sharp decline. Smile Extra motivation. It shows my BMI finally under 30. 30 and over is considered obese. Under 30 is merely overweight.

I’ve pushed myself hard at the gym this week with total calorie burns of 411, 255 and 413 over the last three days. Or so I thought. In the weekly mindset video today, Michelle stated that I should be burning between 400 and 800 calories each session. I’m only just scraping into that. Obviously I need to find something more to give.

It was nice to meet another lady at the gym this morning who I’d seen around the forums.

I am going away this (long) weekend. I have looked into gyms in the area we’re visiting but think I might just try the ‘outside’ or ‘at home’ sessions instead. Sunday’s a rest day anyway.

This tired, sore body is off to bed. Goodnight.


4 thoughts on “I’m overweight–isn’t that great?

  1. Project:Girl says:

    Good on you! I am so close to overweight…I have reduced from a whopping BMI of 35…to just 31. Can’t wait to get to just overweight too. Keep up the fabulous work.

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