Week 1, Day 2

Off to the gym for a “Total Body Toning & Abs” session at 5.45 this morning. Sitting here at 11pm feeling it too. Mainly in my shoulders and chest.

I had told myself I would push hard and do the highest weights in the ranges on the program. I got to the upright rows and bicep curls (both with barbell) and lifted the 10kg bar (my gym has preset ones, you don’t have to put plates on and off). Didn’t think I’d be able to do two sets of 12 reps so chickened out and decided to go with the 5kg one. Just one problem. 10kg is the smallest size they have. No choice. Smile It took me a while to get to 12. I think I did 5, then rested, then 3, rest, 2, rest 2, big rest…

I’m not really sure what the gym owners/staff would think if they saw me stepping up and down off the padded bench either. They can probably see it on security footage. I didn’t receive a phone call from them during the day so it must be okay. I at least put my towel down on it first. Steps are always so much easier with my right leg than my left…

I had the same kind of pattern with the tricep dips and pushups on the bench. I sometimes wonder if I am just really, really, really unfit and inflexible or whether my elbows physically don’t bend the right way or something. I have always had trouble with pushups and tricep dips. They tend to hurt my wrists too. Anyway, they hurt at the time but seem to be okay now. (I managed to type at work, and that’s the main thing I guess.)

Full session: 42 minutes, 56 seconds. 255 calories burned.

Day 2

Came home and made breakfast, then lunch, then cooked up the double batch of Vietnamese Noodle Soup for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. (I’ve had to swap some days to fit my schedule.) After hopping off the computer last night I just couldn’t do it. I went to bed instead. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. Bring on Day 3  [sharp intake of breath!] Weigh-in Wednesday.


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