Week 1, Day 1, Workout 1

D-Day. I don’t remember the last time I got up at 5.30am and didn’t have a plane to catch. But I did today. By 7.10am I was back home after my workout and even picking up the mail for work so I don’t have to do it on the way when there are fewer carparks.

Once again, I forgot to start my heart rate monitor until I’d been on the rower for a full minute already. I even turned it on at home so I only had to press start once when I got there instead of twice. Anyway, I’m sure that first minute wouldn’t have had that many calories so I’ll run with what I recorded.

Total workout time: 55 min 27 sec. Some of that was walking to and from the wall that had a pen tied to it for signing up to something or other. I forgot to take one. I like to record little bits of data. Total calories burned 411.

My warmup on the rower burned 36 calories (in the last 4 minutes anyway) and I rowed 877m. I keep track of my distances as I have a ticker which records how far I’ve trained this year. I’m trying to get from Melbourne to Sydney. I have gone a lot further in the past month than I did in the first four months of the year.

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

Today I covered 7.6km between the rower, treadmill, bike and cross-trainer. I had only done 66km all year before this morning.

Treadmill: I decided to be brave and start at the Week 5 of the pre-beginner’s learn to run plan available as part of the 12WBT. I had been running 2-3 minutes stretches already so thought I should start there. I was starting to struggle at the end of the 10 minutes but I think that’s the point. I did all the intervals at the highest end of the ranges set. Note to self: remember to put hair up in a bun, not just a ponytail – I was almost overheating.

Bike: It’s going to take a while to get comfortable on those bikes. It’s nothing like sitting on a real bike. Must remember I need to set the seat height on setting 18. At the (required) 15 minute mark I’d ridden 4.9km. You’ll mostly be familiar with my love of round figures so I kept going until I hit 5km at 15 minutes, 18 seconds.

Cross-trainer: this rounded out nicely at 0.5km in the 5 minutes. Just as well, my legs were starting to jellify (if that’s a word).

Hmm. I’ve just realised that I was so focussed on making it to the 10 minute mark on the treadmill that I didn’t even look at how far I’d gone. I just had to upload my workout details into the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer to check what I did. 1.24km. Aaargh. I guess I’ll survive. Smile Oh, the rower was also not a round figure. Maybe I’m not as hung up about it as I thought. Or, I really was pushing myself on those machines.

Felt like a bit of an idiot doing ski jumps in the gym – it probably looked like I was jumping on the spot for 30 seconds to any bystanders. Hopefully they were all engrossed in their workouts and weren’t taking any notice. Managed to hold the (knee) plank for 30 seconds. Just. Ab crunches – I’m not sure I do these right, my neck feels really strained. There was a PT right next to me who works at the gym so I guess (hope?) if I was doing anything really badly she would have said something.

I came home to make breakfast and lunch. I’ve had to swap some days around due to schedule and availability of ingredients so today is egg and toast instead of cereal. I boiled my egg and then realised I don’t even own an eggcup! Strangely, that wasn’t mentioned on the shopping list.

I had to make do with a pasta server thingy (whatever they’re called).


I found when I was planning to work out in the evenings, I tend to think: “I can have a chocolate/snack/whatever because I’m going to the gym later and I’ll just work harder/longer and burn the extra calories“. Now that I’ve done a morning workout I’m thinking: “I’m not going to waste all that effort and sweat by eating junk today“. Here’s hoping that thought continues throughout the day.

While grocery shopping yesterday, I decided that I would endeavour to also eat foods I don’t like (like tomato) and foods I’ve never tried (like capers – I now know what they are – I bought some yesterday but I had to google it to find out what they were to know where to look for them). If I was starving and those were the only foods around I’m sure I would eat them. So, I’m also sure I can eat them for 12 weeks.

Will keep you posted on whether I managed to keep the good thoughts in my head all day.

Update: 10.15pm.  As I tweeted today:

1. Just as well there’s no lift at work or I’d be tempted to use it. Feeling the stairs after my workout this morning.


Having said that, I’m happy that I managed to stay under my calorie target today. I had a few snacks but kept them within the 300 calorie allowance. I ate tinned salmon, capers and lamb cutlets for the first time (that I remember) but not all at the same time. LOL.

Another big day tomorrow with another early start. Off to cook dinner for tomorrow night now as I won’t have time tomorrow… It’s good to be heading into day 2 after a successful day 1.


4 thoughts on “Week 1, Day 1, Workout 1

    • Plan amended. Plane. 🙂 Thanks eagle-eyes. I might have mentioned at some stage that I’m not a morning person… That and I was trying to eat my breakfast and still get to work on time. Almost made it. Should have skipped the blog post.

  1. Pippa says:

    Don’t BUY an egg cup I KNOW that your mother has LOTS of them. She will probably let you have one (or more) when you next visit her. LOL 🙂 I know that she knows that you HAVE had lamb cutlets before, but it was quite a long time ago. You didn’t like the “fatty bit” or the “icky” handle… 😀 Glad to hear that “Ooh Yuck!” is still on the menu!!! Love you to bits, Mum

    • Ok. Correction: I bought and cooked lamb cutlets for the first time. I still cut out all the fatty bits and stayed well clear of the icky handle. Used the tongs and knife and fork. Note to self: don’t buy egg cups. :-* Thank you.

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