Initial (Un)Fitness Test

You can’t have a journey, goal or destination without a starting point. I’ve got mine now.

So much for my early morning start. I woke – with a start – at 6.45. Must have forgotten to set the alarm… No time to head to the sports field so I rugged up:


It was 8° (felt like 6° according to my phone’s weather app). I’m not sure why it showed a moon, the sun was almost up and I could see where I was going. Fortunately.


I started the Runkeeper app I downloaded last night (thanks SkinnyMinie). I ran my 1km in my relatively flat back yard. Here’s a picture of my GPS track for my 1km:


As you can see, I needed to do a few more than 2.5 laps of my “oval”. According to my heart rate monitor I burned 117 calories on this run. I managed to run jog 450m before walking for a while too. One of my goals for the first month is to run 500m non-stop. Now I know that’s achievable – and within reach. Open-mouthed smile I’m also happy because I jogged again after the walk, and I’m fairly sure I only had two or three short walks in the whole kilometre. Time was 11 minutes, 27 seconds.

Aside: I have to say, I LOVE my SkirtSports tank top with a ‘cleavage alley’ pocket. I can stick my phone in there, it doesn’t bounce around, and I can hear all the notifications from whatever app I’m using, be it Runkeeper or C25K. When my current top becomes too big, I’m definitely going to buy a replacement (the latest version has a zippered back pocket as well which mine doesn’t have). I also love their skirt with compression shorts underneath and pockets for phones, keys, mp3 player and a handy little hole so you can stick your earphones through without ruining the line/shape of the skirt. Wearing lycra without exposing absolutely everything. Perfect.

As expected, I registered as a beginner in every category of today’s fitness test.

I managed 12 knee pushups. Amazon tells me I purchased this book in August 2010. Guess I never finished working through the program. I remember reading the introduction…


12WBT will be different. I’m GOING to finish.

For the core strength ab test, I can’t even do stage 1. I’m on “struggle street”. No real surprises there though. I couldn’t get my fingertips to my knees, let alone my wrist past my knees. Similar to the sit and reach, I think this would be impacted a bit my body shape. My knees are a long way down my leg (much lower than on other people my height) so when I bend them, my knees actually move further away. No excuses though – I know I have very little core strength. Just sayin’. Smile

Wall sit. Hmmm. I didn’t think I’d be good at this. Again, because of where my legs bend, I felt like my butt was nearly touching the ground when I was low enough to have my thighs parallel to the ground… I managed to hold it to 30.5 seconds. I was ready to collapse at about 25 but stared at the stopwatch, willing it to go faster so I could survive until I hit the half a minute mark. That sounds much better than a measly 30 seconds – a whole half a minute. Woohoo.

And finally, the sit and reach test. Not much difference today from last night. Except I was a bit shocked that I couldn’t reach the ruler at all. This is how I had to set it up:


The ruler is flexible so it needed the book to keep the loose end up parallel to the floor for an accurate reading. The ‘fixed’ end is blu-tacked to the step. I couldn’t even reach the end of the ruler and you can see in the photo that there’s almost a centimetre at the end after the 30cm measurement! Then I realised I had my sneakers on and I was barefoot last night. To salvage some self-esteem (not really, just so I could get a measurement) I took my shoes off and took a barefoot reading. I’ll have to remember to do that for the follow-up tests so I have an accurate comparison.

Next unofficial mini goal: reach the ruler with shoes on! Let’s go!


2 thoughts on “Initial (Un)Fitness Test

  1. Project:Girl says:

    You have to start somewhere…that’s what I keep telling myself. In October I was completely inactive spending 24 hours a day in bed. Now I am up and moving most days. 12WBT, even the beginners, is a place to start and a way to improve. Love the idea of the 7 week push up program though…they have apps as well…off to buy myself some! I will be able to do a push up by the end of the 12 weeks.

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