Organise and Diarise

Last Thursday’s challenge (12WBT Pre-Season Task 6) was to get organised and diarise everything: functions, events, public holidays, workout time, grocery shopping time, cooking time etc. Mish suggested setting aside time on the weekend to cook ahead for the following week and freeze or refrigerate meals. Just like I did the weekend before last. It worked that week too. I had a warm fuzzy moment realising that I’d managed to work out something helpful for myself without having to be told. I have to say though, it was more a ‘remembering what Mum used to do when we were younger’ than working out from scratch with no prior knowledge or experience.

I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to try putting all of this into the calendar on my phone because that’s what I use instead of a paper diary. I might have to invest in a bigger memory card though. I’ve already got a ‘storage space is getting low’ message permanently on my notification bar…


Progress Report:

Just an update report on the blue light sunglasses… I have been wearing them most nights (I have to take them off to play Draw Something though). I don’t know if it was the glasses, or just the mental shift/transformation I’m going through at the moment but since buying them I have managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am each day (except yesterday and today I set alarm for 7am due to some extra late nights). Watching the Biggest Loser Finale was interesting… I admit to taking the glasses off now and then to see what colour the clothes REALLY were. Some of them looked pretty awful with the blue removed.

I have also been getting sleepy at night and sleeping better. Again, I’m not sure if this is the glasses, or the fact that I’ve been dragging myself out of bed. However, anyone who is having trouble going to sleep at night should consider this as an option. For the massive investment of just $12 AUD ($6 of which was postage from the US), I think it’s worth a trial.

Perhaps it’s a mental thing (like a placebo). Perhaps not. Either way, I’m sleeping at the right time of day/night. If even a part of that can be attributed to the glasses then it was worth it.


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