Highs and Lows

The challenging task yesterday was to make a commitment to do whatever it takes, through the highs AND the lows, to get to where we all want to be.

Yesterday was the “high” of the commitment, motivation, enthusiasm and support from others. When I posted my commitment in the forum, the box to receive an immediate notification of future posts in the same topic was selected. My inbox has been flooded with 100s (literally!) of commitments from other men and women who are on this same (but different for them) 12wbt journey.

Today must have been the first of my lows. I wonder how many other people came crashing down today. I don’t even really know how it happened. I thought I’d been doing well. Obviously I wasn’t as ‘ready’ as I thought. I went to the supermarket on my lunch break and for some reason walked out with a 50g Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar (which I ate in the car on the 5 minute drive back to work) AND a 200g bag of M&Ms. I shared the M&Ms with a work colleague so only ate about half the pack but that only took half an hour.

Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling the best this afternoon… I had been eating a ration of 4 squares of chocolate a day and usually that wasn’t until I got home from work. Today I overdosed. I came home ready to cook up a healthy dinner, trying another one of the recipes from my new cookbook (Michelle Bridges’ No Excuses). It looked ok, certainly nicer than most meals I have cooked in the past:


I’m sorry to say that I didn’t particularly enjoy it. As evidenced by my plate after I’d ‘finished’ eating:


Can you see the evidence of yet more chocolate for dessert? Sad smile That’s all my coleslaw. Mr K ate his. He ate his chicken too but his skewers are on my plate.

My plan, all day, had been to go to the gym after dinner so at about 9pm I made my way back into town. I had planned to start week 4 of the C25K program. I did the 5 minute warm up and about 1 minute of the first run but I couldn’t run today. I was all lopsided and nearly tripping off the side (not the back????) of the treadmill. I decided to slow it down and just walk. I’ll try the C25K again some other time. I had trouble even walking straight though. I kept tripping on the join in the band/belt. I guess I don’t lift my feet high enough. I ended up opening the kindle app on my phone and just read while walking. I didn’t work up a sweat and I didn’t use my arms (I used them to keep me near the front of the treadmill, to stabilise myself and to turn the pages of my “book”).

I decided to keep going until I had burned 300 calories. This would be my biggest session since purchasing my heart rate monitor. Can you guess what happened? As the magic number 300 appeared on my watch, the time elapsed on treadmill was about 56 minutes so I figured I might as well make it up to an hour. Then, at an hour, I was so close to 5km I figured I’d keep going. I stopped after 5km though. That was enough. I was starting to feel a bit light-headed and my feet were getting pins and needly. Perhaps a result of the lack of a substantial dinner? Or the high sugar content in my system? Or a combination of the two.

Regardless, I was happy with the ‘workout’ even if it wasn’t what I’d originally planned.



(I didn’t enter my weight into the treadmill until halfway through the session, that’s why this says only 174 calories.)

After coming home, I decided I should find out what the damage was and enter all the bad food I ate today into my calorie counter (myfitnesspal). All in all, it had the potential to be a lot worse but because I went to the gym (and because I didn’t like my dinner), I ended up only 133 calories over my allowance for the day (it adds the 1200 allowance and the 353 earned through exercise).


It’s bad but not irreparable. Tomorrow is a new day. And:


Click image for source.


2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

  1. I think it’s important not to focus on your failures, just identify why they happened and make efforts to not let them happen again. Good on you for going to the gym after all that!

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