A robust regard for round numbers

The definitions of “robust” at thesaurus.com are healthy or strong. Today, I realised that both apply equally to my appreciation for round numbers.


Since joining my gym, I have struggled to stay on the treadmill long enough to cover a 2.5km distance.

Here’s my history:





13/3/2012 2.02 21:25 152
15/3/2012 1.73 14:36 ?
18/3/2012 1.79 17:12 ?
27/3/2012 3.47! 40:07! 285
26/4/2012 1.31 13:00 79
30/4/2012 2.27* 22:22 172
3/5/2012 3.34 31:40 245
7/5/2012 2.51** 23:22 187
8/5/2012 2.53** 21:15 189
9/5/2012 2.26* 20:10 164
14/5/2012 2.83*** 25:46 238
* sessions when I pushed on to reach 2.25km
** sessions when I pushed on to reach 2.5km
*** this was a C25K workout session

Today was pretty ordinary all around. It started well with me getting out of bed within half an hour of my alarm going off. I was ahead of schedule so decided to do “one thing” before leaving for work. Big mistake. Ended up late to work. Had one of those work days when you’re busy all day but have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Went straight to a meeting after work.

I had taken my gym clothes in the morning so I could get changed after the meeting and go to the gym on the way home. So, I got changed, hopped in the car and thought “blow it, I don’t feel like going, I think I’ll just go to Coles, buy some chocolate and curl up in bed with my new book” (A Devil to Play). It arrived last week and I’m soooo looking forward to reading it.

I have to drive within two blocks of my gym to get to Coles. Guess what? I turned left and went to the gym instead of turning right to the shop…

I popped into the loo and put the heart rate monitor strap on. Clambered onto the treadmill. Stood there for a few minutes turning phones onto silent and starting my C25K app on my smartphone. Switched on the treadmill and away I went. I was really struggling at the end of the fourth (and last) run segment. It was only 3 minutes but I feel like my throat closes up when I’m running and I struggle to get air. (I really need to see a PT and find out if I’m doing something wrong.) My face was hot as anything and I’m sure it was very red. My heart rate was hovering around 180-182… I have no idea if that’s normal or even safe.

Anyway, I got to the end and did the 5 minute cool down as well. By then, I was so close to 3km I thought I might as well keep going. I did, using a mixture of running/jogging/walking. Then I passed 3km and was so close to 30 minutes I thought I might as well keep going. I did, using a mixture of running/jogging/walking. At 28 minutes I was thinking, oh no, what if I get to 30 minutes and I’m close to 3.5km I’m going to have to keep going even longer and I didn’t even want to be here in the first place (I was there in robot mode Open-mouthed smile).

Can you see where my robust regard for round numbers was taking me?

Fortunately, as the time flicked over to 30 minutes, the distance covered hit 3.33km. That was round enough for me. I turned off the treadmill, climbed into my car and headed for Coles.

Once in Coles, I grabbed some bananas and apples then made my way to the confectionary aisle. I picked up some chewing gum and exited the shop via the checkout.

I did it. I went to the gym when I didn’t “feel” like it. I lasted half an hour on the treadmill with an average speed of 6.67km/hr. I burned 286 calories in the session. I’m starting to see that it IS possible to burn 500 calories a day with planned exercise. I went into a supermarket craving chocolate and came out with fruit. And this is just pre-season. Bring on 4 June and the start of the 12WBT proper!!!!!

So, my love of round numbers is certainly strong. And at this particular time of my life, it’s going to mean a healthy me. Smile

And instead of curling up in bed with my book, I’m sitting at the computer, freezing my butt off (I suppose if that could really happen I’d be  happy), typing this post.


One thought on “A robust regard for round numbers

  1. Misplaced Happiness says:

    This post is too funny! I do the same thing with the dreadmill … if my time is up, but my calories are close to a round number, I keep on going. Then when that number is met, my carb counting number is close to being round. So on I go 🙂 You’re not alone in your love (or obsession?) of round numbers haha

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