Challenge 3

Today’s 12WBT challenge is to choose where I will be working out (gym, home or outside) and buy any equipment I’ll need. The examples given were:

  • Good quality training shoes.
    Done – new sneakers were my 5kg lost reward last year. Smile
  • A new training outfit, don’t forget a cap/visor if training outside.
    Done x 3 – so I have enough to last me between washing days
  • Heart rate monitor.
    Done – Polar FT4
  • Ipod (not essential).
    I have an mp3 player on my phone. I have never owned an i-anything and I’m not about to start now. It’s a reverse ‘pride’ thing. Smile with tongue out
  • Water bottle.
    Done – freebie from my gym as a birthday gift last month
  • Some workout DVDs (if training at home):
    Still to do – I won’t be training at home but would like to get a DVD or two to have on hand in case I go away.

I will be working out at the gym primarily. Otherwise, I’m paying for a membership and not using it.

Progress report:

Yesterday afternoon and evening I cooked double batches of a couple of meals as I know we won’t be home for dinner the next three nights. Two are in the fridge ready for tonight and tomorrow (I’ll take mine to work with me in the mornings). Another dinner is in the freezer ready for Wednesday and I have a note on the fridge to remind me to take it out on Tuesday night to thaw. Four more meals are in the freezer for this time next week when I’ll be out again. No more KFC for me!

I have been tracking all of my food intake, most days, using my fitness pal. Their smartphone app is really good. You can scan the barcode of the food item to record the calories and nutritional information. No need to tediously type it in. I should have done that before I ate a snickers – not after. The kilojoules listed on the packets mean nothing to me.

I worked out last night that my kitchen scales are weighing everything at three times its actual weight. I was cooking the Kangaroo Mince Spaghetti Bolognese from a Michelle Bridges’ cookbook and thought that the 200g mince wasn’t very much. I divided the rest of the 1kg pack into 200g and 300g packets to freeze but got to 1kg bagged up and still had about half the original 1kg bag left. I put it on the scales and it read 2kg! I placed the unopened 500g packet of spaghetti on the scales and it read 1.5kg. I guess I’m going to have to buy a new set. Anyway, I calculated how much more mince I needed to add to the almost cooked spag bol and cooked it in a separate pan before adding it in.

Weighed in this morning at 76.4kg. A loss of 500g for the week. Open-mouthed smile


I went to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but not since. However, I have eaten less chocolate this week than usual and have had a couple of soft drink-free days. I cooked a slice for a meeting on Wednesday. I found myself eating the left overs so I packaged it up and gave it to someone as a gift. She won and so did I.

I have a new incentive: Mr K and I booked a 12 night cruise last night to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary (this July). The cruise departs 3rd September 2012 – just after this round of 12WBT finishes. I’ll look forward to seeing holiday photos this year if I stay focussed over the coming weeks and months.

According to the desktop widget I installed, we depart in 3 months, 19 days and 7 hours. Open-mouthed smile.

Edit: 11.30pm 14/5/2012, I just calculated that my BMI has finally dropped below 30 again.  


4 thoughts on “Challenge 3

  1. Awesome incentive! I’ve always wanted to travel around the Pacific Islands—SO gorgeous!
    I think I need to take a page out of your book and get more organised with meal prep–It would definitely help to always have backup options in the freezer!

    • Thanks Helena, this is the first time I’ve really tried it – at least to this extent. I’ve done leftovers before but not planned pre-cooked meals. We’ll see how long I can stick it out. I’m pretty motivated right now though.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss this week (and getting your BMI under 30)! And I love the win-win mindset you had with the slice leftovers.

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