Setback or failure?

Monday. Feeling good. Inspired. Motivated. Off to work this morning, took my dinner that I pre-cooked last night knowing I wouldn’t get home tonight before a meeting. Took my gym gear so I could go straight from the meeting.

At approximately 6.50pm, I tweeted this:


Really, it’s not that big a deal for me. I don’t drink a lot of coffee (maybe one cup every few months to be sociable if hot chocolate isn’t on offer). My caffeine intake consists of chocolate and diet coke. I’m not sure why I even included caffeine in my tweet. I guess it was the excitement of Day 1 of pre-season of 12wbt.

So, I trotted (drove) off to my 7pm meeting. On arrival I was asked if I’d like a tea or coffee. It was cold and a hot drink sounded good so I asked for a coffee. It was only as I was taking my first sip 5 minutes later, that only 15 minutes prior, I had boasted about my caffeine free day. I never even gave it a thought when the offer was made. Oh well. I drank my coffee. Then I remembered why I don’t drink it. The tight chest… the nausea… two very good reasons to avoid coffee. I can tell you I was closely monitoring my heart rate while on the treadmill later tonight.

Why is it so easy to forget? It’s like when I don’t have a particular type of fast food for ages, then I crave it, buy it, eat it, and only THEN remember that I didn’t like it last time and that’s why I haven’t been eating it…

I saw this on Facebook the other day :

I am declaring that today’s coffee oops was merely a setback. It was NOT a failure. Now I’m off to watch the video for today’s 12wbt challenge.

PS: I am wearing my new sunglasses that remove the blue component of light. I’m not sure if it’s a gimmick and I’ve been had, or if it’s legit, but apparently lack of blue light is what triggers an increase in melatonin (or something) which is what tells your brain it’s time to go to sleep. Hoping to reset/retrain my circadian clock/rhythm/whatever-they-call-it. I feel a bit silly but if it helps me sleep better, I’ll give it a shot even it it’s a bit weird wearing sunglasses at 10.30pm, inside the house.



3 thoughts on “Setback or failure?

  1. Loved the set back vs failure philosophy.
    And can you keep us posted about the blue light sunglasses – my mum is a shift worker too and has trouble sleeping, so if they work I’ll have to let her know 🙂

    • I’ll try. 🙂 I’m not sure how it’s going to go. I read that you should put them on at 6pm them leave them on until you go to bed. However, you can’t wear them while driving and I haven’t been getting home until around 10pm so I’m not giving them much of a run. I do put them on from when I get home though and I find that I am not feeling quite as wide awake when I get off the computer at night as I used to. Hard to know if that’s because of the glasses or because I’m just that tired…

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