Uncontrolled experiment


This is not what I look like when I’m trying to Zumba…

Mid-last year, I purchased an Xbox 360 Kinect because a niece and nephew had received one for Christmas the previous December and I was really sore by the end of Christmas Day… I had sweat a lot, jumped a lot but more importantly, I’d had a lot of fun.

For the first few months, I used it fairly often. I haven’t bought any “games” as such, only sporty ones. Kinect Sports, Biggest Loser, Kinect Sports Season 2 and more recently Zumba (!!!??? – used once only in about six months).

I still use it now and then and it certainly gets more use than the Wii I also still have sitting there.

And now, I’ve gone and spent money on a gym membership. I’ve read a few lot of self-help get-yourself-organised books and a recurring theme in them is that it doesn’t matter how many containers or organisers you buy, they won’t help if you don’t fix the underlying problems relating to why you hoard things, or why you end up with piles and piles and piles… and piles… of paper all over the house.

I’ve come to the realisation it’s the same with health and fitness. I can know all the handy tips/tricks/techniques in the world but it doesn’t help me one bit if I can’t get my mindset right. I’ve got the Wii, Xbox and gym membership. What I don’t have is the right mindset.

I watched last night’s Biggest Loser episode tonight. Natalie Cook (Olympic gold medallist for Beach Volleyball – about to head to her 5th Olympic Games) was a guest trainer for Kasey. Natalie got Kasey to realise that fit and healthy people don’t just eat fit and train fit, they think fit! Think fit, eat fit and train fit.

This week’s challenge on 12wbt is to plan ahead. Plan not just what I’m going to eat but when. Michelle wrote:

You might have read or heard me say before that losing weight is a science, keeping it off is a psychology.  Once we sort out your head, your body will follow.

I am not going to let this 12wbt become just another fitness tool. I am going to give it everything I’ve got.

After all that rambling, you must be wondering about my uncontrolled experiment. Well, I’ve been trying to get into the habit of going to the gym – even if I only do 20 minutes on the treadmill. Friends are inviting me for walks, bike rides and hikes… but I’m declining. I want to focus on establishing the habit of exercising at the gym before I try and throw anything else into the mix. The other day though, I wondered how a 25 minute workout at the gym compares to 25 minutes spent using the Xbox. So, I tested it out. It was an experiment because I wore the same heart rate monitor for each activity and the same clothes. The time might have been out by a couple of minutes because I often forget to start the heart rate monitor’s training session… Both sessions were conducted this week, at approximately 9.15pm.

The Results

Monday night – 25 minutes on the treadmill

248 calories burned, average heart rate 124, max heart rate 165

Wednesday night – 25 minutes XBOX Kinect Adventures (mostly the obstacle course game)

276 calories burned, average heart rate 135, max heart rate 163

Pretty evenly matched. I think I tend to push myself more at home with the Xbox because no one can see me, plus it doesn’t really feel like exercise. And, the main one, if I’m a bit unco or lose my focus for a second, I’m not going to faceplant as I fall off the back of a treadmill… What I really need to do, is invest yet more money on a personal trainer or something to teach me how to run. I see my reflection in the window at the gym and I don’t look comfortable at all.

I have seen this in a few places recently but I saw it tonight over here:

running style

However, for me, I know I look like the bottom picture. Worse still, I FEEL like that bottom picture. Nevertheless, I am going to stick with the gym. I’m paying for it now, I might as well use it. And jumping around on the concrete floor at home probably isn’t the best thing for my joints anyway.

PS: I just remembered I bought a Sonic Free Riders game when it was buy two get one free. Can’t walk past a bargain like that. So, there is one non-sporty game in my collection.

5 days until pre-season starts. Looking forward to it.

EDIT: PPS: 4 days until pre-season starts. I have added a page to my site (see top menu) so I can update my weekly weigh-in results. Hoping some ‘out there’ accountability will help. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Uncontrolled experiment

  1. Misplaced Happiness says:

    I love Love LOVE that analogy of weight loss to hoarding! Never thought of it that way, but it’s SO TRUE! Every time I see that Hoarders show, the person owns tons of containers for their stuff, but all the containers are empty. Same as weight loss supports! I keep getting weight loss “stuff” … but if I never use any of it, then it’s all just a bunch of empty containers!

    Having an ah-ha moment, thanks! 🙂

  2. Interesting results for your experiment. I might do a little comparison myself. I think a few Personal Trainer sessions might be a good investment. I was using a PT a few years ago and it was Great. He ‘fixed’ my running style (I used to run on my toes instead of the correct part of my foot) and he was HOT! The BEST motivation I’ve ever had to go to the gym! Lol

    • Thanks – I am seriously thinking about it but having just paid for 12wbt I’m not sure I can stretch the budget just yet. Maybe I’ll make that one of my incentive/rewards.

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