No safety gear required

I registered for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt a few weeks ago now. We are into Week 3 of the warm up season. Pre-season starts in just over a week. Each week of the warm up, Michelle has set us all a challenge. I haven’t managed to complete a single one. I really need to snap my head/brain into the right headspace. I know it’s for my own health that I’ve decided to do this. It’s so I can start reaching my goals. So why do I still find it so hard to start?

My diet has improved. I’m eating better than I have in the past, but certainly not as well as I could. I have been to the gym only once in the past month.

Admittedly, my life has been fairly hectic and sleep has taken a priority over exercise and meal planning. How long can I keep using this excuse though? Not much longer. I haven’t taken the necessary actions yet but I have finally reached the point where I can acknowledge that something’s got to go. I must prioritise my health or I won’t be around to do all the ‘stuff’ I want to do. I won’t get far down my bucket list. My wake up call came when I saw this picture posted in a ‘motivation’ thread in a 12wbt forum.




If I can’t do the warm up challenges, how can I expect to tackle the real ones when the 12 week full program commences? Now’s the time to make the necessary changes to position myself to fully commit to the 12 weeks.

Basically, the first challenges were to drink more water, bike/run/treadmill/swim/whatever 30km over the week during training and to record absolutely everything I ate for the week. I’ve started drinking more water at least. Mr K bought a water cooler that sits on the kitchen bench so we just leave glasses there and fill them up when we walk past. It’s amazing what a difference it makes having it ‘on tap’ and accessible. I don’t have to open the fridge, open a drink bottle, or put a jug back in the fridge. It’s quick and easy.

Now to find some quick fixes for other areas as well. I’m not so naive that I think there will be a quick fix for everything but there must be some way to make it less of a chore to make myself do the things I already know I should be doing. There’s a mighty wide chasm between knowing and doing at the moment. I’m working on making the chasm narrower and shallowed. Eventually (I hope) it will disappear and I’ll enjoy the lifestyle changes and it will be as easy as walking on flat ground. No safety gear required.


2 thoughts on “No safety gear required

  1. Oops. Where did the time go? We’re into week 4 already. Another challenge was to make just one change. Maybe I changed the calendar by a week instead of the clock by an hour at end of daylight saving…

  2. I am having just the same issues… I think I wrote down 2 days of a food diary before I gave up completely. I tell you what, I am looking forward to these ‘mindset’ lessons from Michelle because boy do I need them! Good luck with your journey, I’m looking forward to following along with you!

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