End of season – DNF

I ended my previous post with this statement:

So, 24th March is the day. I WILL be a competitor. I WILL finish. Even if I have to walk the run leg.

It didn’t happen. I guess there’s no need to pick yourself up from the floor after that comment.

I did not finish (DNF). I didn’t even start.

Saturday morning, I pumped up my bike tires, tracked Imagedown my bike helmet, fished out the Cross-bow Sure Lock thingies I bought last August for the Triathlon Pink triathlon in October (but didn’t use because I left all my gear at home – details here if you missed it), and packed my bag ready to head out to the venue later in the day.

However, late in the morning I was informed that my 91 year old grandmother’s health had deteriorated rapidly. So, my sister and I and our wonderful husbands made an impromptu trip to visit her. I wouldn’t change that for anything, but it did mean I missed the final triathlon for the year.

I wonder how many other people can say that in their first year of being a member of Triathlon Australia, and their local Triathlon Club, they didn’t compete in a single race. I guess, technically, I did do one race (Triathlon Pink) but it wasn’t an official race.

The crossbow thingies – useful word 🙂 – are still in their packaging. Life has been a little hectic in every arena so I haven’t made it to the gym as often as I’d like, but I have gone at least once a week since I joined.

In February, I completed one of the two Cert IV courses I’m currently enrolled in. I have one month left of my enrolment period to finish 3 entire units for the other one. That will be my priority for April. After that, I have promised myself “no more study until at least next year”. I have my 20 year school reunion in early May and I don’t think I’ve had more than 6 months in that time when I haven’t been enrolled in one course or another.

It’s time to focus on getting myself healthy enough to live long enough to complete the next one I have my eye on…

The season has come to an end. My dream has not. I am still aiming to complete an olympic distance triathlon (haven’t set myself a goal date yet – I must do that). I’ve never played sport before, so I’ve never experienced “off-season”. There’s a first time for everything.

Come May, no more excuses. I’ll be hitting the gym, opening my packet of Cross Bow Sure Locks and swimming a few laps as well. I am going to be ready for next season.



2 thoughts on “End of season – DNF

  1. Pippa says:

    I missed this when it first “came up”!!! You are great at goal-setting, and I K N O W that you will keep working towards each one. You have inspired me (yet again) to s t a r t , once more to get “ME” fitter (not fit in everyone else’s understanding) and healthier. At least the pathologist was “impressed” that I take NO medications, and my GP d.i.d say ” you’re in good shape for someone your age…” 🙂 My aim is to change my “zero” (as in 0) shape into more of an emboldened “l” and to have a smaller number showing on the bathroom scales from week to week till I get down to 1 kilo per year of age… and try to stabilise there, even though my age will increase with the passing of the years. Watch out! You’ll be seeing LESS of me soon!!! 🙂 Lots of love, Mum

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