Triathlon Pink, Gold Coast 2011

Race: Triathlon Pink, Gold Coast 2011

Venue: Runaway Bay Sports Centre, Runaway Bay, 23 October 2011

Distance: 200m swim, 6km bike, 2km run (medium course)

Total official time: 43 min 43 seconds

My second triathlon. 🙂

Spoiler alert: I have previously written that if I enjoyed this triathlon, I was going to join my local Tri Club. Well, I’ve joined and have joined Triathlon NSW/Australia. Does that make me a triathlete officially?

I also previously wrote in my first ever race report that I felt so sick (dizzy, nauseous, faint) before the race that I didn’t warm up or stretch. I believed then, that the sick feeling was due to a combination of the chinese food, nerves and lack of sleep. I now believe it was simply nerves. I had the same feelings again the other week at this race (along with another unpleasant symptom that starts with ‘d’ that I won’t mention in print). And again this morning before giving a presentation at a workshop. ENLIGHTENMENT: My body physically reacts to the nerves!

The race itself was once again quite fun but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We (Mr K and I) drove 7.5 hours to get to this race. On the Saturday night, about 9pm, I went to check my transition bag was correctly packed and contained everything I needed. Only to discover that I had left my bag at home. Packed. I now remember being distracted from the final stages of packing, to spend an unimaginable period of time trying to squeeze my bike into the back seat of the car (the only place it will fit with only one wheel removed) in a way that would still allow Mr K to share the driving. I obviously never made it back to the bag. My wonderful sister offered to bring it to me and meet us half way but I drew the line at driving that far back, only to have to turn around again two days later and drive the whole 7.5 hours home again… After a few phone calls to friends and friends of friends, I managed to borrow a helmet, goggles, sneakers, towels, and some bags to put all the borrowed gear in. Fortunately I had my outfit in my suitcase for easy access on race morning, and my bike. That was it. Everything else was 7.5 hours away from where I needed it to be.

We awoke early for the 1/2 hour drive to the venue where we met up with Katryna whose helmet I was borrowing. I registered, got my pack, set up transition, got my t-shirt then sat around for AGES waiting for the briefing. Setting up transition was much easier this second time around. That, and we were racked in bib number order.

The swim. The swim was in a pool with buoys in it that we swam around to get our 200m. We started individually, about 10 seconds apart. My (borrowed) goggles filled with water twice and I had to stop and tread water to let the water out. After that I managed to get the suction going and made it to the end without more water in my eyes. I still don’t enjoy swimming with a group, especially on the turns. I tended to stop and let the others go because I didn’t want to hit anyone, or be hit. It’s really hard to NOT follow the lines on the bottom of the pool too, to swim at an angle between the buoys. I did pass a few people on the first lap but then got stuck behind some breast strokers on the second lap and ended up breaststroking behind them. I find breaststroke more exhausting than freestyle and I was overtaken by all but one person. I really struggled to finish the 200m and I felt that I’d taken a long time because I was so far behind the next person in front. As it turns out, I was quicker than I’d been at home because my swim leg time, which included the 50m dash from pool to transition was about the same as my swim times at practice. 200m: 6 minutes 45 seconds.

Jogged to transition where I decided to skip the socks and just put on my laceless sneakers (not good for running but ok on the bike). I didn’t try and put my helmet on backwards so this was an improvement over Race 1.  The fake grass stuff was full of little black pebbly things that were all over my feet and filled my shoes. Not very comfortable. The bike course was okay. I tell people the bike is my best leg, but I’m still not good at it. There was one hill (most people probably wouldn’t even classify it as a hill). The first lap was okay but I had a headwind on the second lap and felt like I wasn’t even moving! 6km: 17 minutes 3 seconds.

T2 went smoothly although I wasn’t sure my legs would run at all! I was a little concerned about the borrowed sneakers which were a little big for me. I did walk a bit, and felt like I walked more than I normally do at home (but I’ve never practiced at home directly after a swim and/or a bike ride). My time for the run, including T2, was only 1 minute slower than my practice runs so I was very happy with that. 2km: 19 minutes 53 seconds.

Towards the end I caught a lady who was just finishing the short course and we agreed to sprint to the finish for a bit of fun. It was then I realised I had a bit more energy left than what I’d been telling myself.

This event was all about getting women moving and having fun. As well as raising money. Everyone received a finIsher’s medal. Everyone’s bib numbers went into the draws for prizes. I got very sunburned and my number 396 was white on my red shoulder. Now, almost 2 weeks later, you can still see the three clearly if you know where to look.



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