Tamworth Tri Club

This time next week I’ll be on the road to Queensland for my Triathlon Pink mini-tri. This time tomorrow I’ll be at the venue. I have told myself that if I enjoy this triathlon as much as the one I did in March, then I will join the Tamworth Tri Club. I have never been a member of a sporting group before (other than a few years in a ten pin bowling league but that was more social than anything) so this would be a BIG step for me. I met a few people from the club at the TriFreedom dinner I went to a few months ago so at least there would be some familiar faces. I just hope they really do cater for absolute beginners and couch potatoes.

Having said that, in the unlikely event that I don’t enjoy next week’s pinkie triathlon. I won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

It was so nice to run this morning in a light rain but 15° instead of the 1-2° it has been on previous mornings. Things are changing if I can wake up before my alarm and feel like going for a run in the light rain…


2 thoughts on “Tamworth Tri Club

  1. Pippa says:

    I was wondering how the training was going… I’m really pleased with the up-date. Swimming may improve as the weather warms up. 15’C is CERTAINLY much more pleasant than 1’C – 2’C. We’ll be thinking of you as you zoom through the TRIathlon next weekend. I like the view from your verandah! Great pic! 🙂

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