Where it all began…


I’ve created this blog purely to chronicle my journey from couch potato to elite triathlete. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch. I didn’t play sport growing up, I read books, studied and played in an orchestra. At the age of 35 however, I finally discovered a sport I enjoy. Triathlon.

I stumbled across Triathlon Pink late in 2010 and decided to enter the Sydney event in October 2011. I bought a couple of books by Jayne Williams (Slow Fat Triathlete, Shape up with the Slow Fat Triathlete) which I highly recommend. In February 2011, I came across the Trishave Women’s Triathlon Festival which was to be held in March. I thought “October is a long way away. I could train for months between now and then only to discover I don’t enjoy it anyway. So, I’ll try this one and see how it goes. Then I won’t waste a year.

I registered for the enticer race but later chickened out and changed my entry to the ‘Try-a-tri’ (a very mini triathlon). Surprise, surprise, I actually enjoyed it – despite the lycra! I am now ‘training’ – if you can call it that – for Triathlon Pink in October 2011. This second one is slightly longer on each of the three legs (swim, bike, run) but is still mini. It’s a breast cancer research fundraiser. You can donate here. I’ve decided to enter the Gold Coast event because I have a friend there I can stay with instead of having to find accommodation in Sydney.

My training plan at the moment is to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays and cycle at some stage over the weekends. I’ve mapped out my 2km run route near home. I haven’t been for a run since Monday so I went this morning even though it’s Saturday…

It’s off to the bike shop now. I was feeling confident when I bought a new bike a few months ago and bought some shoes and pedals with lock in cleat things. I’m soooo uncoordinated though that I can’t stop and get my feet out without stacking it. This means I haven’t ventured out of my back yard (grass!) since I bought it. Going in today to have ‘normal’ pedals put back on. Maybe after the October event I’ll be brave and ask for the special ones to be put on again.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


PS I am no longer 35 and I completed the Triathlon Pink event in October 2011. You can read about it here. I have removed links to the donation page as it no longer exists but wanted to maintain the integrity of the original post. 


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