A few weeks ago, I bought a small lap counter/stop watch designed for swimmers (I lose track of lap counts in the 25m pool to know when I reach my 200m mark).

I haven’t been for a swim since I bought it but I’ve been using it for my run as well. Start when I cross my ‘start’ line (I don’t start from home or I’d have 50m uphill at the end of the 2km).

My times so far:

30/7 – 7.30am

Total time: 19’52.58
1st km: 9’45.71
2nd km: 10’06.87
Average: 9’56.29


1/8 – 5.30pm

Total time: 19’42.93
1st km: 9’15.81
2nd km: 10’27.12
Average: 9’51.47


6/8 – 8.30am

Total time: 18’19.03
1st km: 8’49.07
2nd km: 9’29.96
Average: 9’09.52


I have less than 3 months to go before “race day” so I’m hoping to step it up a notch next week and get out more often. And run further in between the walking bits. I am at least now running more than I’m walking.



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