12WBT R2, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in Results – Round 2 12WBT

Pre-season Official Start: 76.7kg
7/5/12 76.9kg Week 1: 6/6/12 76.0kg
14/5/12 76.4kg Week 2: 13/6/12 75.3kg
21/5/12 76.4kg Week 3: 20/6/12 74.6kg
28/5/12 77.3kg Week 4: 27/6/12 74.9kg
Week 5: 4/7/12 74.6kg
Week 6: 11/7/12 74.9kg
Week 7: 18/7/12 73.7kg
Week 8: 25/7/12 73.5kg
Week 9: 1/8/12 74.2kg
Week 10: 8/8/12 72.9kg
Week 11: 15/8/12 73.4kg
Week 12: 22/8/12 73.7kg

12WBT Progress Tracker
I have allocated myself some incentives for mini-goals along the way. They are:

75kg: new sneakers ACHIEVED!

70kg:  $100 to spend on kindle books

65kg – Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

60kg – Trip to Melbourne for a new set of clothes (I might change this as I’m going to need new clothes before then!) Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “12WBT R2, 2012

  1. Hi Heather, love your rewards! One of my rewards is the Story Bridge climb in Brisbane, can’t wait! The Sydney climb will be amazing. How did you get your results in a nice table like that? I can’t figure it out! Any advice for a newbie blogger!?? 🙂

    • Thanks. I used the blog writer program in windows (live writer?) with a ‘table plug-in’. It was a bit convoluted. I think I posted it as a draft first (from the live writer) then copied the html source from the draft to a new page… Not necessarily the easiest way to do it, but the way that worked for me. The other alternative is to go to a ‘teach yourself html’ page (some of them are very easy to follow) and type the html for the table info straight into the source box in WordPress. I have no idea if any of that makes sense. Good luck though.

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